Do you know how rain started? Read This Story to Find Out

A few thousand years ago, there lived a rabbit named Bunny. He had a lovely garden that he really adored from the deepest core of his heart.

He specially put a big signboard (placard) on the entrance gate of his garden that stated,

No one is allowed to enter my garden. If anyone found guilty of trespassing without my wish then he or she will be severely punished.

Interestingly, Bunny also did some farming at this garden. So, he was quite possessive of the same. It was really a wonderful garden. It has long-long trees, colorful fruits and spectacular flowers as well.

Nature punishes rabbit

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Bunny’s friends and others were really scared to enter into the garden. They knew Bunny would spare none if someone enters into his garden without his permission.

Bunny Vs Nature: Who Will Win the Prestigious Battle of Ego?

One day, the sky turned cloudy, and people cautioned Bunny that heavy rain might destruct his garden. Extremely infuriated to know the same, the very next day, Bunny put a huge signboard near the gate with the following message,

Dear Nature and Rain, Never dare to fall into my garden as Rain droplets. Heavy showers could literally devastate my garden and all my hardwork towards creating this beautiful garden would go in vain.

This is my last warning, or else you will be severely punished”.

Meanwhile, the rain God saw that board, and was shocked. He thought for a while that how a little rabbit could put such a stern warning for him?

Does he not know that rain and water is essential for the survival of all living beings including humans, flora and fauna?

Does the rabbit not know how important is monsoon and rain for farming? Now, nature god was determined to teach an unforgettable lesson to little Bunny.

And Heavy Shower Destroyed Bunny’s Garden

For the next few days, continuous downpour followed. Bunny’s garden was inundated with water. A lot of his favorite plants were already destructed.

Little rabbit was totally inconsolable. He started crying aloud not knowing how his beautiful garden has turned into a muddy plot.

crying rabbit

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All of sudden he suddenly heard a loud cadence from the sky like cracking of a cloudburst.

Hey, Bunny, Don’t think that heavy Rain has destroyed your garden. It was your selfish pride, Ego and in-sensitiveness that bring such a misfortune to you.

There was a pin drop silence all around. Bunny was slowly listening to all this with a heavy heart.

Bunny Realized His Mistake

The voice continued, No one in this world is more powerful than me – rain. It is only because of me that monsoons bring happiness to the faces of farmers and others who are engaged in agriculture.

It is only I who decide when, where and how to bring rain. You can’t set precondition for me. I won’t listen to anybody. I know my responsibility and service towards the planet earth”.

Soon, Bunny realized his mistake and begged for an apology from nature god.

He said, Forgive me god, It was my fault that I challenged you. Please restore normalcy to my garden.

Please help me god. I will be completely changed from today. I assure and promise that I will discard all my ego and false pride from myself.

And the Bunny Lived Happily Thereafter

Nature god was pleased to know that Bunny realized his mistake. He confirmed Bunny that that within the next couple of hours; his beautiful garden will be back.

Suddenly the voice disappeared. And Bunny was pleased to see that the garden was back looking refreshingly more beautiful now.

Bunny Rabbit

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Soon, Bunny removed the signboard and permitted all to visit the garden anytime they wished too. Soon bunny lived happily thereafter.

“Completely Fictitious Story for Entertainment Purposes only”

By: Atish Home Chowdhury

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