In a short video clip which is going viral from last Monday afternoon, where the movie-actor Raghava Lawrence, said to give up the Jallikattu protests on the Marina Beach, said now the young students should give up their agitations.

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Welcoming the Jallikattu ordinance broadcasted by Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao on Saturday, he thanked Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam and the government.

Raghava Lawrence Broken Down With Tears & Appeal To Students

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Raghava Lawrence exactly said words regarding the issue that, “I welcome it. I am happy. Please give up your protests”. Raghava Lawrence thinks to have a peaceful protest regarding the lively topic Jallikattu as well he also condemned violence which is spread across Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu.

Raghava Lawrence Broken Down With Tears & Appeal To Students

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Simply, Raghava Lawrence makes it clear that he is in support of the peaceful mass protests that started on last Tuesday. The actor, Raghava Lawrence who had been supporting the protests by staying on the Marina Beach day and night, was in the hospital for the high fever.

Later, on Monday afternoon, he met protesters on Marina Beach and pledges them to give up the agitation and anger regarding the issue Jallikattu protest, instead goes for a peaceful protest.

Raghava Lawrence broke down into tears when he gets to know about the chaos happening at Marina beach. He shared a video on his official Facebook page, where he shares his feelings and said he feels very sad to see this chaos with teary eyes.

He said, “Early this morning, I received a phone call from Marina saying, the protesters are being forced to leave the place. I and few people who initiated this protest decided to move this issue to the next level with the help of a lawyer by today morning, but the situation seems to be worse now. I saw the live scenes in television and I couldn’t understand what was happening over there. It was chaos all over. After seeing all these, I went to Marina, but I was not allowed to enter. I pleaded with the Police to allow me. I assured them that my boys (students) would listen if I speak to them. Unfortunately, I was not allowed.

But I kindly request all my boys not to enter into the beach water, as our life is very important. If you have any small kids with you, please take good care of them. If the police are beating you up, please move away and stand aside. Don’t be scared.  I’ll somehow manage to come to the beach within an hour, with this team who are beside me”.

Raghava Lawrence was admitted to the hospital because of the neck pain and fever. The actor has shares statement and wrote on his official page of the Facebook account.

“Hi, friends and fans, sorry I could not be with you in Marina now as I have been admitted to a hospital due to neck pain and fever. I will join you friends in Marina tomorrow morning if my health condition gets better. I wish to inform you that my heart stays with you people in Marina. Let us continue our protest in a dignified manner. God bless you all!”

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