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Raghava Lawrence Starrer Kanchana 3 Trailer Will Release On?

Fresh and good news is coming, regarding the forthcoming film, Kanchana 3, which is also very important, better and exciting news and this reports shall be sure, going to win the hearts of the Kanchana series, fans, and the audiences’.

And it is today in the afternoon time, I read in the Twitter, that trailer of the drama flick, Kanchana 3, will launch very soon.

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Yes, the theatrical trailer of the upcoming movie, Kanchana 3, is all set to launched and unveiled by the makers, on this 28th March, 2019, Thursday, and I must say, all netizens went crazy, after the news announced, and they literally, can’t wait to see the theatrical trailer anyway, and this one is also started trending and going viral, in the social site and internet, #Kanchana3Trailer.

The information is shared by the official production house of the upcoming Tamil language cinema, Kanchana 3, Sun Pictures, in its official page of the micro-blogging site, which is touted as a horror comedy of the year.

The much awaited and the most anticipated, upcoming motion picture, #Kanchana3, is the fourth franchise of the Muni series and third franchise in Kanchana series, and aficionado and audiences’ are just excited for the movie.

Raghava Lawrence Starrer Kanchana 3 Trailer Will Release On?

You can trace my excitement, I can’t wait to see the theatrical trailer of the upcoming film, #Kanchana3, which is directed by, one of India’s favorite celebrity director, Raghava Lawrence, at the same time, he is also essaying the main lead key character in this movie.

The production house of the above mentioned spooky comedy and fun film, #Kanchana3, the Sun Pictures, @sunpictures, writes on its Twitter Account, that, “#Kanchana3Trailer releasing on March 28th at 11 am! @offl_Lawrence @vedhika4u @OviyaaSweetz @nikkitamboli @sooriofficial #KovaiSarala @ActorSriman @AntonyLRuben @vetrivisuals @doopaadoo #Kanchana3TraileronThursday”.

Alongside, the acting and the direction, it is the “man of different hats”, the multitalented gem, Raghava Lawrence, is also penned the script of the movie, which is obviously exciting for us to know.

Anyway, on the other side, SivaKarthikeyan starrer Mr. Local will hit theatres on this 1st May 2019, it is co-incident, with the May Day and on the other side, the another Tamil actor, Raghava Lawrence Starrer, Kanchana 3 will hit theaters on this April.

The kind of hype and buzz, this movie, #Kanchana3 is having it is incredible, which is also indicates that it will receive obviously, tremendous response from the fans and the audiences’.

Still, it is really, yet to wonder, whether, the upcoming Tamil movie, Kanchana 3, will hit theatres on this May or April, but, in the Wikipedia of the upcoming Kollywood film, Kanchana 3, it is mentioned that the movie shall hit theaters on this 19th April 2019.

Let see how the theatrical trailer of the forthcoming Tamil language horror comedy film, Kanchana 3, turn to be, as it is already fetching audiences’ and fans attention towards it, on the other hand, two singles of the movie has been launched, which is also liked by the admirers, which is includes, “Nanbanukku Koila Kattu” and “Kadhal Oru Vizhiyil”.

So let see how the trailer video turns to be and whether audiences will like it or not, but, I’m sure and I can say it definitely, that fans and audiences, will like it and will connect with them as the buzz of the movie is already massive.

Alongside, the Tamil actor, Raghava Lawrence, who is essaying main lead in the movie, #Kanchana3, it is South Indian actress, Oviya and Vedhika, is playing the female lead in the movie.

The movie, #Kanchana3, is also co-produced, by the leading man of the drama, Raghava Lawrence with the Sun Pictures, anyway.

It will be really, yet to see the South Indian actress, Vedhika, in the upcoming Tamil language horror comedy film, Kanchana 3, in which she will share screen space, with the leading man, Raghava Lawrence, it is second time, when the actor, Raghava Lawrence and the actress, Vedhika, are working together, last time, the duo worked together in the film, Muni, and certainly, and indeed, both the actress and the actor, Vedhika and Raghava Lawrence looks perfect together as a cine-Jodi of the T-Town.

Let me know your opinion about the upcoming much awaited Tamil language horror comedy film, Kanchana 3, and don’t forget to write down your opinion in the comment section of this article.