R… Rajkumar: When Stupidity Crossed All Limits (Movie Review 2019)

Today, I watched R… Rajkumar. And, this time, I found that the film has no logic at all. Well, Bollywood movies are already notorious for showing the unimaginable stuff on the large screen, but R… Rajkumar crossed all its boundaries.

The very script of the film is void ab initio. The film that begins with a startling rivalry between two big opium smugglers – soon turned out-to-be a film that is solely based on stalking, stalking and stalking. While anything can happen inside the world of imagination – that’s okay – but the way it shows complete inaction of police is unjustifiable.

How Can They Kill People at Ease

Purely from a professional viewpoint, Sonu Sood acted well. But somehow his role as a villain took a backseat. He was more of a stalker and lusty individual chasing a girl – that’s how people perceived Shivraj throughout the film. He easily killed three-four people (or more maybe), yet Police were totally invisible. At least in movies, we fully expect Singham-type Police officers to take action against the criminals.

The way Shivraj tried learning English was again unbelievable. He repeated the term ‘Bull Shit’ for half-a-dozen times as if he learned no other English words from his master. I can’t imagine how the director did such a big mistake. There wasn’t a single English dialogue between Chanda and Shivraj in the entire movie. So, bringing an English master to the scene wasn’t needed.

Chanda Got Swag but No Sense

Sonakshi Sinha as Chanda proved to be a good choice. She excelled in romance, emotion and action but as Chanda, we expected her to be a little rowdier. Unfortunately, it’s the director who decides the sequences of the event based on the script, but for the common viewers, Chanda was neither inspirational nor the one who respects herself.

After repeated stalking by Shahid Kapoor (Romeo), Chanda eventually fell in love with him. That’s okay, but she should have at least even once showed her displeasure at Romeo’s characterless behavior. She hadn’t scolded Romeo once in the movie even before she started loving him. What kind of social message does this convey?

Romeo Stalked, Stalked & Stalked

Shahid Kapoor, for the first time, excelled as an action hero. His acting was damn superb. This time, I’m only analyzing his character as Romeo. The film started well showing Romeo’s character as a damn tough guy who went on to become a right-hand man of Shivraj. Yet, at most of the movie, he was seen either teasing Chanda or chatting with her.

He crossed all limits when Sonakshi aka Chanda showed displeasure at his advances. But like a characterless, criminal-minded guy, he kept on stalking her. Not only this, he killed two people in the end-part of the movie, he neither went to the Police station to surrender himself nor he apologized. And, not surprisingly, he hadn’t even apologized to Sonakshi (not even once) for his constant stalking before they started the relationship.

So, the film R… Rajkumar is an illogical movie sans any social messages. It glorifies stalking, smuggling and indulging in crimes. It showed how helpless our Police officers are! They didn’t file a single case against Shivraj or Romeo in the movie.

Rating: I can only give 1 and a half stars to this film.

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