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Promise Day: 7 Promises You Can Do To Your Special Someone

Promise Day

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On this 11th February, we all are ready to celebrate the Promise Day, which is one of the most lovable and beautiful day of this Valentines Week.

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The Promise Day is also one of the beautiful romantic day of the Valentines Week, which is also dedicates to the word, “Promise”, which mean to give somebody some word whom we love.

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The day is mainly celebrate by those people who are in love and looking forward to pass on some Promise to their special someone as the Promise Day is a kind of special day or the festival which is dedicates to the word, called, Promise.

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This is obvious to wonder what to promise to our love ones on this Promise Day AND here I’m discussing with you “Top 7 Promises You Can Do To Your Love Ones”.

Promise Day: 7 Promises You Can Do To You Special Someone

1). This #Promise is for the guys and boys, if you are in relationship and still, you have not given her commitment, then the #Promise Day, is the right day and an ideal time, when you will #Promise her that very soon you will give her commitment.

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2). If you are girl, and you are in love with someone, then give him a pledge on this #Promise Day that you will never leave him and you will with your love for the entire life, irrespective, of the fact that what is his economical background is now or how it will?

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Because the love is a kind of feelings and being in love is a type of relationship, which has nothing to do with money, power, being rich and being poor.

3). Being a guy, make this is sure to your girlfriend that, you will never cross limit in love, or you will compel her do anything out of emotion, which is out of etiquette or the Indian tradition. In short, on this #PromiseDay, being a boyfriend, make a #Promise to your girlfriend that you will never apply an emotional blackmail on her.

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4). On this, #PromiseDay, make sure both of you the girl and the boy that the amount of love shall same in your lives, both of yours lives, when you will became a woman and a man or an old lady and an old lad even, as again I’m saying that love has nothing to do with age, simply nothing.

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5). Make sure to your girlfriend, being a boyfriend, that on every Sunday, you will go on date with her, which shall also increase the essence of the lovely day, the #PromiseDay, which is itself a very romantic and a dreamy day.

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And it is when you go on a romantic date with you beau or bae, it is actually, turn to be very good and bring positive point on your relationship which you share with your BF or GF.

6). On this, #PromiseDay, make sure that being a beau, you will always there to protect and safeguard your girlfriend, and also, take a pledge that you will never hurt her and impair her feelings.

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7). On this #PromiseDay, take a pledge that you will always there to love your special someone and make them, he or she feel special 😍❤

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