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Post Graduate Diploma (PG) / Master of Arts (MA) In International Relations Or Diplomacy – Benefits And Scope

Well… It’s a subject that is too close to my heart. I’m from India, and I know how important is this subject from Indian point of view at every walk of life. We are a country with 1.4-billion people. And we share international land boundaries with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar while we also share international maritime boundaries with Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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Since time immemorial, India have always been following the path of peace and friendliness with one and all. We always want friendly relations with our neighboring countries. India is also a great believer in promoting world peace and maintaining tranquility around our surroundings.

India Is A Non-Aligned Country

In the post second world war scenario (Post 1945 era), the entire world was broken into two blocks; Communist block under Russian influence and Capitalist block under the US influence. Thanks to our forefathers and wise leaders of that era who preferred to keep India as a non-aligned nation with mixed economic system. And, we also demonstrated our stands on several global issues from time to time keeping our non-aligned history in minds.

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Why Did I Persue Masters In International Relations?

I will discuss why I was attracted to this subject, and then I will explain the options that you may have after doing your post graduation or Master’s in international relations from any UGC-recognised University!

Climate Change: Now that Coronavirus has already wreaked a massive havoc in our lives, it’s right time to introspect what went wrong. We can’t let the beauty of our nature down.

US-IRAN And US-NORTH Korea: Even now, it’s totally unimaginable that how will the bilateral relations between these countries bloom or reach any positive ends!

Global Terrorism. How can India stop this global menace or unite the whole world towards fighting it! We are facing cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan on a regular basis!

The role of world bodies like WHO, UNICEF, IMF, world Bank and others

Role of regional bodies like ASEAN, APEC, SAARC & NATO among others!

Global poverty. Recently, an Indian won a Nobel Prize for his research on poverty alleviation.

How can Indian maintain regional peace and stability in the region.

We are surrounded by lots of other countries. We have to ensure that our relationship stays cordial and friendly all the time.

We want world peace. We are non aligned. We want to make sure that everyone lives happily in this world. We have to protect environment too.

Many of our citizens and NRIs work abroad. We have to ensure their well-being too.

Job Options I Careers After MA Or PG In Diplomacy I International Relations 

A simple graduate in diplomacy won’t fetch u good jobs.

From Indian perspectives, you can try UPSC exam, but still if you have some other skills, it will be better. Because too many candidates appear for UPSC, in case, you couldn’t quality then you can opt for the other exciting careers in this field.

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This isn’t a ‘toy-subject’. You can’t study with a hope to earn a lot. Rather, you have to be a thinker, crazy or a sort of philosopher — with a bit of pragmatic approach to resolving pertinent problems and bilateral issues!

You must be a dreamer who really wants to change the world for good.

I recommend you to first complete your Master’s in international. Relations… and preferably complete your PhD too in the same field.

You can become a politician.

You can become a journalist. You will get full job and creative satisfaction too with a good salary package. 

You can get a dream job like working at a world body as I mentioned above including the UN, UNESCO, ADB and many more.

You can be a research scholar.

You can be an academician and professor.

Finally, you can work as a mediator or interlocutor in important on important issues representing the government or other big organisation.

You can work as a subject matter expert, too!

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Let me know what you think of this article. I did my post graduation and masters in International Relations or Diplomacy and working as a creative professional with 100% job satisfaction.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)