Today, I am going to teach you to how to make a delicious dried fruit porridge in a few steps.

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It is very beneficial to help. This summer, when most of us run short of essential vitamins and other necessary compounds, a dried fruit porridge is a delicious dessert  that you can enjoy with your entire family.

Porridge fruits

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Milk: 1 liter

Suji: 1 cup

Cashew nut: 50-gram

Almond: 50-gram

Walnut: 50-gram

Raisins: 50-gram

Dates: 50-gram

Sugar: 2 Cup

Cherries: 50-gram

Rose Essence: little bit

Crushed Coconut: half a cup

Peanut: 50 gram (Crushed)

Cooking Procedure Of Special Dried Fruits Porridge

In a dry pan, roast suji until it turns light brown in colour.

Now, crush all the dryfruits and add these to the roasted suji and wheat.

Also add 1 liter milk to it. Then add sugar and crushed coconut as well.

dried fruit porridge

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You can add more sugar if needed.

Now let it boil and keep it aside once boiled properly.

Put it in a different bowl.

Adding rose essence and garnish with dried fruits.

Serve it chilled or hot.

Garnish it with cherry sauce and dried fruits.

How to Make Cherry Sauce

Let a pan to heat. Add butter to it with cherries.

Now add sugar and water.

Porridge fruit

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Then add 2 tablespoon cornflour into it.

Stir it well and your cherry sauce is ready.

(By: Snigdha Home Chowdhury)

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