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Pongal 2019: Types Of Carnival, Dates, Celebration And Much More

The festival Pongal is observed and rejoices each year in the month of January as per the English calendar and as per Tamil calendar, this month is known as Thai month, as an auspicious month of the Tamil calendar.

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The carnival Pongal started on either 13th January or in 14th January generally, which is a harvest festival and 4 days long festival which I think is should be dedicated to farmers or presence of India as the festival is all about anaaj means food and because of farmers we have food.

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The festival is celebrated with much zeal and glory in Southern India, especially, Tamil Nadu which is celebrated to show appreciation towards god as it is God who gives us and blessed with all crop and yield materials by the help of which we survive.

Pongal 2019: Types Of Carnival, Dates, Celebration And Much More

1). Bhogi Pandigai (January 14th, 2019)

This is the festival when we offer puja to the Lord Indra, as Lord Indra, is according to Hinduism regarded as God of rain, and we no need to mention rain plays an important role in the growth of the crops and grains.

On the occasion of Bhogi Pandigai, we all, especially, presents, worship Lord Indra alongside, Surya Dev (Sun God) to show our gratitude to him so that for the whole year God will help us in the growth of crops and grains, which is an asset of farming.

On this day of the Bhogi Pandigai, we all wake up in the early morning then take shower and clean our home properly as well as decorate the home.

Something very important on this day that we all women draw kolam (rangoli) in order to impress God and also we take an oath that we will bring positivity and good atmosphere in our life as well we make sure to kick out all bad and unconstructive habits and negativity from our lives.

On the festival of Bhogi Pandigai we also then offer puja to Lord Indra in our clean home which is the crucial part of the celebration anyway.

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2). Surya Pongal/Thai Pongal (January 15th, 2019)

Surya Pongal or Thai Pongal actually falls in the first day of the Tamil Hindu calendar which is known as Thai and as per English calendar, the date turns to be 15th January generally.

Surya Pongal or Thai Pongal, the winter harvest festival which also ends the winter atmosphere technically is match up with Makar Sankranti, one of the important collective festivals celebrates in the whole nation.

On this occasion, we all offer puja to the Lord Sun and offer them special types of sweet dish, made up with milk and rice, very similar to the kheer.

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3). Mattu Pongal (January 16th, 2019)

On the Mattu Pongal festival, all Hindus in Tamil Nadu worship their cow as in order to survive human life, we all need milk which is a crucial part of the human life and it is cow who gives us milk so Mattu Pongal festival is especially dedicated to the cow in India.

On this day of the Mattu Pongal, we all make the cow bath then decorate her with garlands and all and offer them good food and all in order to celebrate the Mattu Pongal festival.

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4). Kaanum Pongal or Katya Pongal (January 17th / 18th, 2019)

Kaanum Pongal or Katya Pongal is a festival of celebration when usually people have some good time with friends and family and enjoy the day with much love.

As per some traditional system, we all feed some grains to birds also which is regarded as a sacred gesture on the day of the Kaanum Pongal or Katya Pongal.

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