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PDF Bear Tools: What to Use in Handling Your PDFs

With PDF Bear, it’s easier to handle your PDF files, especially if you want to convert, split, or add watermarks to your PDF documents. With that said, the process is pretty easy to follow, and anyone can perform it quickly. So here are the PDF Bear tools that you can use to handle your PDFs.


Converting PDF files to a PNG file is possible if you utilize this online version tool from PDF Bear, and in less than a minute, the process is over. Users only need to choose and upload the file on the website, then PDF Bear’s server will quickly convert your files while maintaining the file quality. If you’re new to this site, a simple to follow instruction is provided to make your life easier.

Start using this software and easily convert your PDFs to PNGs. After the conversion process, users can already use the newly converted file and download it to their desktop. With that, here’s how to use the PDF to PNG tool of PDF Bear:

  1. Pick and upload the PDF file that you want to convert using this tool.
  2. PDF Bear will start uploading and reading your data.
  3. This converting tool will convert your documents in seconds.
  4. After the three steps, you can now share and download the newly converted document.

Split PDF

This PDF Bear feature is helpful if you want to split or separate PDF pages easily. You can quickly separate your file or extract its pages individually to create new PDFs. With that, users can create new separate files from the original PDF file. If you use the Split PDF tool, you also need to remember a couple of things. You can split a PDF file to different and separate pages or extract particular pages from its original file. If you don’t know how to use it, here’s how to do the process:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you wish to split using this tool.
  2. By clicking the page, you can select the specific pages from its original document.
  3. After you choose the pages, refine them, and split them into separate PDF files.
  4. The newly separated PDFs are now ready for the users to download or share.

Add Watermark

By using this tool, anyone can add any watermark on their PDF files without any problem or confusion. You can choose between its multiple methods of adding your preferred watermark to any of your PDF files. Besides that, PDF Bear also supports other functions rather than this tool. With that, you can also merge, compress, and rotate your PDF files. Here’s how to use the Add Watermark function:

  1. Drag and upload the document that you want to edit.
  2. Choose the image or text as your watermark.
  3. Decide on where you will place the watermark.
  4. Apply the document changes and start downloading the file.


PDF Bear can offer different functions to manage your PDF files. With the ones listed, you can use them to quickly and conveniently convert, split, and add watermarks to your PDF files. Besides its function, PDF Bear is also the safest and most secure software that you can use to handle your PDF files.