The much-loved AND THE popular actor, Pawan Kalyan, is regarded as one of the biggest and most respected names in the Tollywood. His fans out of love, affection and Fondly addressed him as the ‘Power Star’, the actor is held in high regard.

The love and affection Pawan Kalyan is having from his fans just deserves stuff for him, all credit goes to his handsome and dapper looks, dashing personality and courageous attitude and nature.

In more than 1 decades of his acting career, Pawan Kalyan appeared and has featured in some of the massively successful movies, which has helped him become one of the popular and famous stars, not only in the Telugu cinema, in fact, in the whole nationwide.

Pawan Kalyan

Now, he is in the limelight for a shocking and stunned reason. This was occurring, during a rally in Visakhapatnam, the Gabbar Singh actor opened up about his personal life and also he shares something shocking with the various media and fans.

‘I Thought About Ending My Life’

AS per a report, published in the leading media house, FilmiBeat and India Today, the actor once thought to end his life.

Reportedly, whilst talking to his supporters, on one occasion, the power star Pawan Kalyan said and revealed that he had once thought to end his life by committing suicide.

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He also adds that back then, once upon a time he had felt and think that he would never find success as an actor and that was the main reason behind him he developed a bad thought and bad frame of mind.

His Exact & Actual Words

“I used to be extremely shy in the formative years of my acting career. Once during a shoot for my film in Suswagatam, we were in Visakhapatnam. I was asked to dance on top of a bus with thousands of people watching me keenly. I was helpless and called up my sister-in-law Surekha. I told her that I will end my life as I felt that I wasn’t cut out for acting,” he added.

He Overcame & Cope Up With Difficult His Situation 

Thank God, Pawan Kalyan was able to overcome his worries and qualms, as well, cope up with the situation, in order to and managed to make his own name for himself in the Telugu cinema.

As of now, Pawan Kalyan has acted in around 25 movies, so far which is also enough to prove his skills and mettle of being a versatile actor.

AS of now, He Has Put His Tollywood Career On Hold

Pawan Kalyan was last seen in the Trivikram Srinivas-directed Agnyaathavaasi which was, unfortunately, did not performed at the box office as per its expectation.

Shortly after his last movie Agnyaathavaasi release, he had showcased and said reportedly, that the politics would be his top priority in these coming days.

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Now fans will have to wait to see the next announcement by the power star Pawan Kalyan regarding his new movie and details.


The all stunning and shocking revelation about Pawan Kalyan and his personal life already create a huge hype and buzz in the T-Town already as well make his fans love him even more.

It is really worth and praiseworthy that the actor Pawan Kalyan is so openly and frankly shares some realities and stories and his thinking and opinion about his personal life and setbacks.

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