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Patna Rain: The City Welcome Monsoon

Patna Rain

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So today, the monsoon, hit and come in the Patna, which is just bring smile and joy in the Patnait’s face, as from the past days, Patna, the capital city of the Bihar, was so hot, as hot as it can be, so the Patna rain, is very important and you can feel the same.

Well, from the morning time, in the city Patna, it was not so hot, and it was weekend, means Saturday, so it was somehow, a bit lazy day, but in the late morning time, it is the Patna rain, hit the door, and the rain started falling which was just amazing and incredible.

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People of the Patna were already waiting for the Patna rain, since a long time, and it is also I think first rain of this present year, 2019, so, it will be ideal to say, that monsoon, or the Patna rain, is actually, already knock the door, in the town.

Well, due to the fact, that I’m a citizen of the Patna, so I just enjoy the Patna rain, and I was waiting for the same, on the other hand, and also have a wonderful, meal, I mean lunch today, on the weekend, Saturday, which is work as awesome in this Patna rain, indeed.

Patna Rain: The City Welcome Monsoon

The lunch involved, chicken curry, Roti, Paneer Masala, and it was delicious 😍

So the Patna rain, at least for me, turn to be as amazing as it can be!!! Is not!!!! 😍😍

I’m also feeling some chill on this Patna rain, which is also enough, to give me some goosebumps, and I also love the same. I’m indeed, and literally, having a floating butterfly on my stomach because of the Patna rain, which is also helping me to get rid of the massive hotness.

So today, literally, you can sing, on seeing the very beautiful, Patna rain, “Barso re megha, megha, barso re megha, megha, barso re megha barso”.

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