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Patna: How I Fall in Love With The City

In this article I will be share with you “How I falls in Love With Patna”. For you Patna is just either a city or capital of the Bihar, but for me Patna is my dream or you can say my love.

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Let me narrate “How I fall in love with #Patna”.

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Patna: How I Fall in Love With The City

Top 5 things to do in Patna

#1. First of all, I’m here because of #Patna, I was born and brought up in Patna and also completed my formal education in the city.

#2. Not only is me in fact, the city birth place of my siblings and my late mother too.

#3. I literally love the nature and atmosphere of Patna which is enough to give me goose bumps. Especially, in the month of February and March, the nature and climate of the city is turn to be awesome.

#4. This will be ideal to say about Patna that “when no one was there, Patna was there”.

Yes, I and my family literally, visited more than couple of cities in the country, which includes, Bhopal, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, but somehow always we comeback in the Patna.

In most of the cities we only managed to settle for around 6 to 8 months minimum and for 1 year in maximum but somehow we have to comeback in Patna in search of happiness and life.

You will be surprised to know that very recently we visited in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in order to settle there but we were only able to stay in the metro city for only 3 days, at last we comeback in #Patna and I’m thankful for the same. Sigh!!!!

#5. I love the food of #Patna, which includes, fish, mutton, rice, milk and vegetable and these food and meal are also turn to be good for my health.

#6. I cherished the moment when I eat magi noodles or oats meal in Patna.

#7. If you have not visited #Patna, then I must say just visit the city and you will be love it.

#8. I also share my childhood memories with #Patna which just loving and adoring at the same time.