An incredible and landmark decision are taken by the Supreme Court, which stated about a Parsi woman, who was restricted to enter on the fire temples and Towers of Silence as she was married outside of her community.

Today the decision comes out in which the Parsi woman was granted the right to enter a Parsi temple, which is the fire temples and Towers of Silence in Gujarat.

Parsi woman married outside community granted right to enter fire temple

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The woman, Goolrukh Gupta, had approached the Apex Court challenging an Ahmedabad High Court order.

The five-judge Constitution bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra was hearing the case.

As per the reports, in 2012, the Gujarat High Court said that under the Special Marriage Act, she is Parsi by birth but her religion gets changed automatically after her marriage.

She now belongs to her husband’s religion anyway. She was a Parsi woman who tied-knot with a Hindu man. So now as per the order of Supreme Court she can enter the fire temple post her marriage which was restricted!

Though she will be continued to practice as a Parsi and has challenged the High Court verdict on this basis that under a Special Marriage Act in India neither husband or wife have to give up their religion for the sake of their marriage, still, they can get hitched with each other irrespective of their community.

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