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Painting old source of recreation

I think today we have unlimited sources of entertainment. Like television, Mobile, Travel, Story Telling, Singing, Dancing, Game Playing, Hangout with People. But for me, Painting is something that gives me maximum happiness. Actually, Painting is in our old source of family recreation. In fact, my mom was good Artists. In childhood, my sister was also good at Painting.

I am mainly fascinated by Jungle painting. I draw Jungle Sketch in My Drawing Copy. But recently we go to our Travel for Ramgarh where I saw Jungle which is not likable for my Personality.

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I understand that maybe I like Jungle Painting more than real Jungle. For me, art is in the eye of the beholder. Every one has right to express his or her views through Painting apart from controversial topics. I view about art is all about human bonding, happiness, Nature, entertainment. Painting is a good form of Art but I  desire to know about Sculpture, Gardening also. Some animals are very common in my Painting that is Deer, Tiger, Cat, Peacock and cute Elephant.

I think when I am married then my Husband is happy for my little bit Panting hobby. But it is the future. Now only get good knowledge in the present. In fact, present good karma creates everyone’s future. Ok, let us come to Painting as a topic. I promote greenery in my Page. Green is very precious for today’s industrial world. In childhood, I think the Green color is the School’s color. But now I understand Nature mother give us Green as a gift. This way plants,  trees, leaf, and grass are all green. Maybe, one day I am able to draw all this.

Well, I have a plan. That is if I became a Painter then I can make people aware of the importance of aforestation. If I am successful in that, then little bird is happy. That really matter for me.

I like to paint the happy side of woman, innocent life of people living in villages. It is very obvious that isolation and pain create art. In my case, my optimistic nature is the artist.

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