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Oprah: An inspiration for women

Oprah: An inspiration for women:-

“Where there is will there is the way”! And hard work and dedication will bring success surely.

Oprah Winfrey is a true example of it. Her right attitude compels success to knock her door.

In the from the 1980s to 1990s American citizen never forget to switch on their television for a particular show called The Oprah Winfrey Show ( Most rated American Show) hosted by none other than Oprah herself. It was an inspirational show which inspired many women. That’s why; Winfrey became very popular among women globally.

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One of the richest woman in the world at the same time very humble she is and influential too. Her work fetches her many awards including an honorary doctorate from Harvard University. She is a great philanthropist and her social working attitude is eminent worldwide.

10 interesting facts about Oprah  

  1. Her humanism – She helped the victim of Hurricane Katrina all over the US by her Oprah Angel Network.
  2. Name fact – One of her director friend suggest to name her Suzy during her early days of career.
  3. Infancy period – After her birth, she was brought by her encouraging maternal grandmom.
  4. Spiritual connections – Her parents named her Oprah after a biblical character from the Book of Ruth
  5. Her emotional – She is a sentimental person and very emotional. Often tears come on her eyes when women used to share their pain and tragedy with her on her show.
  6. Her knowledge – At the tender age of 3, she engaged her church congregation with a public display of her speaking skills, telling resurrection on Easter. It was her first from many more.
  7. Her transition – When Oprah was a kid she watched Michael Jackson show. Later on, she invites him on his most famous talk show as a guest.
  8. Her education – She learns to read at the age of 3.
  9. Her degree – She is very educated and she as a bright student during her college and school days. She completed her higher studies with honors.
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