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Online games, their advantages, disadvantages, threats and risks

Online games

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The online gaming fever is one of the fastest growing trends in the new generation these days and it is not limited to a certain age group anymore. People of all ages enjoy playing these games to say good bye to the worries of life and also to entertain themselves. The video games and the online games are very much advantageous as well as they can pose serious threats if they are not played under certain set of rules and within safe time limits. Therefore it is important to understand how the online games and the video games can affect the minds of the people and how they can destroy your health as well, on the other hand, if played with care, these games can be very entertaining and exciting at the same time and surprisingly they are got for the health as well.

When we are talking precisely about the games and kids, as parents, we think that they can only be harmful for them, which is why it becomes hard for us to let them play the games. This makes the kids more conscious about them and they get more eager to play them. However, if we know the positive aspects of the video games and the online games and we know how to educate the kids well with them, we can give them a very creative activity to enjoy.

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So here we are to tell you in detail the prospects of the online games and video games, their advantages and disadvantages and the way they can be effective for the players and the way they can be threatening.

Online games, their advantages, disadvantages, threats and risks

Advantages of playing the online games

There are a lot of advantages that are linked to the playing of the online games and they are possible only when you have made a time span to limit their use. So here we are going to discuss those advantages for all the curious minds so that they can understand how they can get benefit from these games.

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  • When you play the games, you have to achieve certain goals and meet certain targets and usually you have to do this in the pre-defined time limit. So when you are playing such games, your mind gets more focused and it tries to be more creative as well, thus making you learn how to do all in the defined time limit. This practice develops a special skill in the people that is not often found in most of us and that is called time management.
  • Another great advantage of playing the video games and the online games is that it develops the ability in the kid that is called mind and body coordination. With this skill, the kid or the adult who so ever is playing the game learns how to coordinate their mind and their body and make use of them at the right time. This practice comes very helpful with the physical games and sports as well. This helps give mental strength to the kids too which is very beneficial for a lot of other things in life.
  • Another advantage for the kids who play the online games is that they become socially active as they get to involve themselves in the social community that plays these games as well as they get to make friends with the people from the other parts of the world. Connecting to the people who are far and away gives you the opportunity to learn about their culture and their history and sometimes there are people who travel from across the world to meet their online game buddies. This practice develops a feeling of love and mutual respect amongst the people.
  • The adults and the elderly people who play the online games can benefit from them as well. Such people who are already tired and exhausted of the daily routines and they want to get some fresh air by doing something different, find solace in these games. The games, their goals and the tasks help the people achieve their goals in the real life as well and encourages them to participate in more affairs and get more active.

Now let us have a look at the potential disadvantages that these online games pose to the players and look if we can find a solution for that.

Disadvantages of playing online games

  • Talking about the kids and their affiliation with the online games, the first potential risk that they can face is the risk of opening the stuff that is not good for their little minds. Since internet is a place where there are no bound for what you get to see and learn, therefore, the malicious sites could take your kid to some point that is not at all suitable for their minds.
  • Secondly, the content appearing on the screen while you are playing the games can be harmful for the player as well. Since the ads and the pop ups keep appearing every now and then, the chances of staying away from their harms are very thin.
  • While at one end, the online games and the video games can be the source to teach you time management, they can also be the reason for wastage of time if they are played for more than required periods of time. The addiction of these games can cut you off from your real life and can make you live in the world of games only. Therefore the time needs to be limited and the games should be selected keeping inmind the rest of youractivities in life and your commitments with the family.

So you have seen the major advantages and disadvantages of playing the video games and it is therefore concluded that these games are not bad in their own nature, it is just the way we are playing them and the way we are taking them that is causing the major problems to those who are facing any troubles.

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