Speaking about the trolls and abuses, the South Indian actress Nithya Menen said that it’s not just the film industry, but the society itself has been hard on women.

Very few actresses enjoy the status that Nithya Menen does in the south film industry. She is a kind of actress, it will be ideal to define her as the “characters of substance”.

Since, Nithya Menen made her acting debut she is just ruling the industry by doing different genre meaty roles, to have such a good fan base overall in the nation, apart from South Indian films.

Apart from being a good actress, Nithya Menen proved herself also vocal regarding day to day issues people deal with, sometimes, some people by-gone these kinds of stuff but Nithya Menen is a kind of women who are vocal and always speak whenever need.

Nithya Menen: It’s a bit more difficult for women to be taken seriously

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As we all know about the actress Parvathy was trolled and abused online over some issues, and Nithya Menen this time speak about Parvathy reportedly.

Film industry supported Parvathy stood up for Parvathy and also considers her as brave. Speaking about the trolls and abuses, South Indian actress Nithya Menen said that not only about online or film industry, Nithya said society is hard for women.

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“I think this whole thing cannot be specified just to the film industry. This is prevalent everywhere in the world. The film industry is just part of a bigger cake. So, whatever is in that cake will be in that slice too. There is nothing in the film industry which is different from the rest of the world. In that general sense, yes it’s absolutely a patriarchal society and things are definitely easier for men. It’s a bit more difficult for women to be taken seriously and to get respect from people,” Nithya Menen told to TOI in an interview.

Nithya Menen also says that now it became part of society so people need to change their thinking and concept for women. “It’s been the case for centuries. I have come to accept it. I am not saying it is right or wrong, but that is how it is. I don’t see gender when I look at the world. I have met fantastic men in my life and horrible women. I have also met some amazing women and terrible men. I have seen women who are sexists. So, you can’t bring gender into it as it becomes gross. That’s not how it works. I believe the distinction must be based on good and bad human beings,” Nithya Menen added further.

Speaking about misogyny, Nithya Menen said, “Misogyny is not okay at all. I believe an ideal society has to value women very highly. I believe in the strength of the feminine. However, I don’t think any amount of fighting or expressing your views in a masculine way is going to counter the conditioning. I just think that we should be who we are and be able to express our strengths. If we are women, be absolutely feminine about it and show the world what is the respectable thing to do. Show that beauty in the way only a woman can do.”

Article Source: Times Of India

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