This next week’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode 24 of season 8 is all set to telecast which is touted as the finale episode of the small screen drama NCIS: Los Angeles and this episode are going to be crazy and wild. In the finale episode of NCIS: Los Angeles the leading Sam decided to leave his team to be separate from them in midway.

New NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Finale Spoiler

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Tahir Khaled, in the way to make sure he never tries to attempt what he did in this entire season of the NCIS: Los Angeles! Also, this is the massive finale episode of the huge climax is waiting for the season 8 and afterward very soon the new season 9 is all set to launch!


The big title reveals for this installment, and that is tentatively titled as the “Unleashed.” That’s title is giving glimpses that Sam being unleashed onto Tahir. Speaking of that, it’s the one and only storyline which can be displayed in the finale episode.

New NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Finale Spoiler

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Perhaps at the finale episode of the NCIS: Los Angeles it will be shown the aftermath of the team rescuing Sam’s wife, Michelle Hanna, from the evil hands of Tahir after he and his crew kidnapped her.

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Huge attempt

Sam is still, understandably, very irritated with the entire episode of the NCIS: Los Angeles. So much, in fact, now he will be decided to split off from the team so that he can go rogue and make a massive attempt to stop Tahir from ever even doing any type of stunt against his family ever!

Will this immense rogue mission, cause Sam to come apart from the team forever? Will he be able to stop Tahir for good? What tactics will Sam end up, how he will deal with this crazy mission of his? These are the big questions for this storyline.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, we can’t disclose the synopsis now; you can tune the same at your TV channel. The finale episode of the NCIS: Los Angeles is going to be quite intense, though. This season’s finale episode is penned by R. Scott Gemmill, and John P. Kousakis did the directing.

Interesting storyline

They also show Callen in a scene, so we’ll be seeing him too. The Sam storyline will definitely the main point of the film. Hopefully, we’ll get a glimpse at some more of them as the final episode of the NCIS: Los Angeles will be revealed by the CBS and it is also going to be an interesting one which will be telecast on Sunday.

Speaking of airdates, we can confirm that episode 24 is all set to start from this Sunday night, May 14th,2017 at 9 pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned and don’t forget to watch the final episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.

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