One of the biggest talking points regarding the forthcoming thriller sequel Mission Impossible: Fallout is an injury suffered by the leading man Tom Cruise, with the 55-year-old actor breaking his ankle while performing one of the popular trademark stunts actually make massive headlines.

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And here’s some behind-the-scenes footage for comparison…

And now, that mishap seems like vital part of the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout first full trailer, alongside other stunts including Cruise’s Ethan Hunt hanging from helicopters, battling a bearded Henry Cavill (sorry, Justice League), smashing into (and being smashed into by) motorbikes made headlines for this weekend.

You can watch the footage below in the video, and look out for that accident – it pops up near when the trailer will end, and the trailer will be displayed that Tom Cruise jumping between two buildings only to smash into the side of one of them.

Trust Tom Cruise will be seeing the nasty mishap into a cinematic (and marketing) opportunity. We’re sure Hunt will take the indispensable three weeks on crutches post his injury also.

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