The Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is now ready with his new forthcoming movie, Nela Ticket and today evening, theatrical trailer of the movie released.

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The movie Nela Ticket theatrical trailer is out, and it is exactly as per the expectations which were based on the song clips and music. Still, it fails to impress, somehow to his critics, but fans actually liked the trailer of the movie Nela Ticket which is touted as a comical drama.

The trailer makes no bones about the routine content and the video have something new to offer to the fans.

Watch - Nela Ticket Trailer – Ravi Teja Look Quite Impressive Here!

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The movie Nela Ticket seems like, present the leading man, Ravi Teja in a different and an unique avatar and the movie is directed by, the new director, Kalyan Krishna which is consider as the big test for Kalyan Krishna.

He has two successful films to his credit making him one of the promising young directors handling mass content in Telugu film industry.

Will he be able to score a hat-trick? Nela Ticket hit screens on May 24th all over.

As one can understand, the project is carrying good hype and fantastic buzz amongst the fans, because of the hot combination.

The director is in-form for this movie. Though, in one hand the first look poster was moderate and average, though, it received decent feedback from the fans and audiences around the globe.

Ravi Teja does look good, and the overall idea goes well with the mass tag, and seems like he will be going to leaves a vital Impact in this movie Nela Ticket.

Producer Ram Talluri who has good shares good rapport with the multiple distributors, so the movie Nela Ticket is expected to make good buck, though the film already collected 24 crores reportedly.

The film’s budget is said to be 30 crore rupees and the producer is in discussion with the buyers regarding the distribution of movie in some areas. The Hindi dubbing rights are also expected to fetch some decent price which will be obviously going to help the film producer anyway.


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