Rape can be literally considered as the worst crime ever but still, unfortunately, the Rape is a kind of crimes which always makes headlines and the phenomena are going on since decades.

Four-year-old raped by neighbor

Nothing can be frightening than the term Rape and the word is frequently rising in some European countries, it looks like with the frequent bases of Rape going on in our world is making it worse, rather than better. There are a number of things that have to be stated at the beginning here.


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Rape not only tears and tortures the women or victim physically but it also mentally destroyed the women, for which she hardly able to cope-up with the situation.

If you have heard of the case of late Aruna Shanbaug, a rape victim nurse from Mumbai, India, you will realize how heinous crime Rape is.

Anyway, in this article, we will be a focus on the nations where there is the highest rate of such a deadly crime Rape is being witnessed. The article is strictly based on research as per the statistics of different media portal.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Rape Crime Rates

1). Belgium

Rape in Belgium has been rising year by year. At present sits at 27.9 persons per 100,000 of the population. The frighteningly high rates in the country likely have a variety of contributing factors, which is increasing the crime rates in the country.


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2). Panama

Panama is a kind of country where there is already plenty of problems. Every day from the country the news is coming out a women’s sexually assault either by the stranger or by her own spouse.

With a 100,000 per person stat sitting at 28.3, but this just approximately figures, the real figures can be much higher than the reported figures.

The penal code places a sentence of 5 to 10 years for those convicted of rape; still, the punishment for the Rape is not decreasing the Rape crime in the county. The news of the domestic violence is also very common in the country Panama.


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3). Australia

Australia is another country which witnesses highest number of this crimes around the year. There are around 28.6 per 100,000 is high, and the real figure is likely higher.

Australia is willing to report their crimes to the police whenever this crime happens with the people of Australia, they reported the crime to the police.


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4). Saint Kitts and Nevis

A small island nation in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis witness the rare and small number of rapes per year, but their small population keeps their figure on par which showcased relatively high rate of crime overall, the country witnessed.

St Kitts is an economically backward nation, with an economy based on tourism. So the social issues and problems are much common in the nation.


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5). Pakistan

It is very worth to includes, the nation Pakistan in this article. Often news from the country comes out that the victim commits suicide in order to save the respects of family.

Rape by the stranger and gang rape is very common in the country. The 28.8 per 100,000 is the approximate figures of the rape and the real figure is likely far closer to South Africa’s reported rate.


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6). Grenada

Rape and crime are always a major issue in the country Grenada. This is the very common rate of 30.6 per 100,00, or in other words, about 30 the crime against women is reported per year was seen in the  100,000 populations around the country.

It is the fifth nation which witnesses the highest rate of reported rape in the world. It has been stated to that otherwise the country Grenada is quite pleasant, one but the crime against women always make headlines in the country.

With 31.6 rapes per 100,000, Nicaragua is a country only a few short decades removed from war. One of the things which are very common in the country is the poor infrastructure and the poorer education systems.

In the country Greneda, Nicaragua it is common misconception persists that man is head of the family and women is subordinate so obviously women are in the country face all kind of problems.

In fact, something which is worst in the country is that the people are treating women like cattle in the country, so the sexuel violence againts women is obviously very common there.


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7). Sweden

It is surprising to see such a developed country like, Sweden in the list but afterward reading the same you will agree with this that Sweden deserves to be on the list anyway.

Actually, the reported rape in Sweden is up, the stats show that unambiguously. What makes Sweden different from other nation is the systems of recording the crime.

In some nations, the repeated rape is counted as one rape but in Sweden, if a person is raped multiple times it is treated as though many times the Rape happened.

The sexual violence is stats are as high as they are, sitting at 69 per 100,000. The recent arrival of culturally divergent peoples is having an effect on the occurrence of rape in the nations.

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8). Ethiopia

The number of women in this country is subject to the violence againts women. It is one of the very serious problems which make headlines as here in the countrymen continuously rape women till she becomes pregnant and the man has to eventually marry the person.


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The reported news comes that girls at the age of eleven have been said to have been kidnapped and used for marriages.

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