National Flag Day: The symbol of unity in diversity: Love for India cannot be controlled or display. In a nation or country where there is diversity then it will be hard to even singularise ‘one Indian people’; it is not possible for the all citizen to display the same kind of emotion towards the whole nation.

There cannot practically be just one type of nationalism anyway in the nation where there is indeed diversifies we can see.

National Flag Day: The symbol of unity in diversity

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There is also nothing political about loving one’s own country. Respect, the pride, and adoration for are the key feature of India’s National Anthem, National Flag – the Tiranga, or for that matter any other national symbol, is a deeply personal issue.

The degree of respect – or not – towards these symbols is a powerful metaphor but for any ordinary citizens, it is very common to feel something towards their country India, which is our private nationalism also.

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In fact, some of India’s major national symbols have been nurtured, spontaneously, and these were done by the civil society itself.

The Song ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was penned by a poet, Rabindranath Tagore and he composed it in 1911, and it was known only to the readers of the Adi Brahmo Samaj journal, of which Tagore was the editor.

Before Independence’ it is really amazing to see that this anthem was considered as a national anthem!

Akin to this we also need to have a National Flag – which will be displaying our patriotism towards nation India as well as also towards the flag – Idea of the National Flag Day was first written about by Mahatma Gandhi, in his journal Young India in April 1921.

After the independence of the country, even when the flag was generally adopted by the Constituent Assembly held on July 22, 1947, private citizens could fly the Indian Tricolour only on a few days in a year, which was the day like, Independence Day and the Republic Day of India.

The citizens of India fought persistently in court for the various years and won on January 23, 2004, the rights of ordinary citizens that will be also enabled to display the National Flag on all days.

Showing off the flag every day as a symbolic gesture will be also going to let citizens be aware of their duties towards the Nation, which indicates the faith in and love for what our Country India and the citizen stand for.

Now, the rhetorics of what we ‘must’ do to be visible as the nationalistic have clouded our memory which is also going to be the pure passion and love that will drive citizens to establish the symbols of the nation and admiration towards the nation.

Mostly, different nations globally have a National Flag Day for citizens which introspect and express how people feel towards this crucial national symbol. Citizens can freely show as an expressive in their personal relationship with the flag, at least on this day

For instance, in the United States has a ‘week’ long celebration around their flag day!

In India, we have an Armed Forces Flag Day on December 7 which rejoices the respective flags of the army, navy, and the air force. But unlike the world over, we in India do not have a National Flag Day.

Is it the right time when Indians should have a National Flag Day?

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