This week the TV series, Naagin 3 will be opened with a bang, as tonight, Vishaka to avenge her lover’s death and she will be killed Yuvi.

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Though, the TV series, Naaagin 3 features, Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi Jyoti and Pearl V Puri, the Colors’ weekend series actually entertain the audience with an exciting storyline which will be displayed on this Saturday. Curious and enthusiastic to know what awaits you in tonight’s episode, then read on.

Bela (Surbhi) will see Vishaka (Anita) in her naagin avatar and will decide to inform Yuvi (Ankit) but she will be failed to do so. On the other hand, Vishaka will turn into Ravee (Heli), and she will be asked Yuvi to spend some quality time with her before he will be tie-knot with Bela. Tensed for Bela, Mahir will meet her and make sure that he will be always protecting her.

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While when Yuvi will be going close to Ravee, she will become in her real face and will be attacked on Yuvi. She will tell him that six months back, he separated a couple and now she is doing the same, he will have to pay the price for his deed anyway.

Enraged with vengeance, Vishaka will kill Yuvi in the jungle.

With Yuvi is missing, Mahir will get tensed for him. With the wedding rituals are about to start, he will decide to take up Yuvi’s place in order to save Bela from getting embarrassed and insult.

Now The entire family is busy with the preparation of the wedding which also started, but Bela will notice Mahir’s watch and realize it’s not Yuvi!

Will she quietly get tie knot with Mahir or confront him about Yuvi’s absence? To know this don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the TV series, Naagin 3 tonight.

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