The TV series, Naagin 3 was launched on June 2, 2018! The fantasy series, Naagin 3, features, Karishma Tanna, Anita Hassanandani, Rajat Tokas, Pearl V Puri and Surbhi Jyoti in the lead roles, who has impressed all the audiences which is evident on the TRP chart also.

Ekta Kapoor’s Her New Horror Show Qayamat Ki Raat: Review – Features Karishma Tanna & Vivek Dahiya In The Lead Roles

The show had received a massive opening and shattered the records with massive ratings. Ekta Kapoor and the team had even thanked viewers for pouring massive love and support to the TV series, has impressed.

 Naagin 3

The show is ruling the TRP chart in the second week and in the last episode, we saw how Bela refuses to marry Yuvi as he was with Vish at the wedding night.

Yuvi tries to make her understand that he was just associated and accompanied Vish to have the drink with her, but Bela gets upset and refused to marry Yuvi.

It is then Mahir steps in to make Bela understand that Yuvi is in really loved with her and wish to marry her.

Bela Left Stranded In Mantap!

Though Bela gets ready for the wedding, Yuvi goes missing. Mahir decides to get married to Bela to save Bela and family’s honor and reputation. Because Bela refuses to marry, Yuvi’s father decided to get Vish to marry with Mahir on the other side.

Mahir & Bela Get Married

Vish was ready to gets marry Mahir, but when she finds her next target she just suddenly leaves the mantap. It is then Mahir and Bela get married. Vish gets annoyed to see this that Mahir gets married to Bela on her own wedding mantap.

Mahir Helps Bela In Performing Post Marriage Ritual

AS per the latest spoiler, after their wedding, Mahir and Bela will be fall in love with each other gradually.

During her ‘pehli rasoi rasam’, Bela will be seen struggling to cook, and this was the time when Mahir will be seen helping her during the cooking time.

Vish’s Deadly Attack On Bela

On seeing Mahir and Bela closer, Vish gets upset and she plans to kill Bela now. Though this time too, Mahir steps in and he managed to save his wife Bela which makes Vish angrier and she decided to teach the lesson to Bela!

Bela Is A Naagin & Is Vikrant’s Sister!

It seems that Bela is also a Naagin, but Vish is not known of this hidden fact! It is being said that Bela is an entry in the Sehgal family with a hidden motive! The twist is, that Bela is Naagraj Vikrant’s sister, who was mercilessly killed by the Sehgal family and now Bela is already taken vows to seek revenge from them!

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