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Love U Mr Kalakaar Movie Review | Amrita Rao, Madhu & Tusshar Kapoor | My Favorite Film

Image source: A still from Rajshree Films

Image courtesy: A still from Rajshree Films

Love U… Mr. Kalakaar My Favorite Movie – Review


For a moment, just imagine… Two strangers meet! Both faced their shares of tragedies and failures in lives – yet they have an indomitable spirit to do something new and unimaginable with a NEVER-SAY-NEVER ATTITUDE. 


Two unsuccessful people then (as the world perceived them to be – but they were creating a success story together) felt a flurry of waves inside their booming hearts through LOVE.


Now, The Real Story Starts…


The story starts with Amrita Rao (Ritu) has just joined her dad’s company in its marketing department. Unfortunately, she couldn’t complete her MBA and wanted to felt in real how things work at the office.


And there lived Sahil (Tusshar Kapoor)… in the world of cartoons, animation, and graphic designing. While the entire Mumbai is busy making money throughout the day, Sahil’s mind revolves around drawing unimaginable things, he sketches things that only engineers could convert into reality – of course after a few years. 


One day, the two opposite worlds meet. Yes, Sahil joined Ritu’s company, and a new mushy, flowery and rosy story started. What Ritu liked about Sahil was his spontaneity, creativity, and of course, the art of seeing things differently than the rest of the world. On the other hand, Sahil was highly excited about Ritu’s benevolent behavior, her vivacity, and her exuberant spirit. 


My Favorite Film 


Gradually, the days passed on. Ritu and Sahil’s friendship also grew stronger and unbreakable. Their personal bonhomie and relationship soon grew into an unbreakable bond. 


The two people started becoming more and more conscious about their future. In fact, they started thinking about their joint future together. Yes, they fell in love with each other – what remained to be tasted was whether Ritu’s dad would agree to this nascent relationship or not. After all, his daughter’s marital future was at stake. 


When a creative person is forcefully taken out of the world of creativity, you know how harsh it can be. But Sahil took it as a challenge. Ritu’s dad (Ram Kapoor) asked Sahil to prove his worth in the company within a few days – only then he would agree to give his daughter’s hand to him. 


A Journey of A Lifetime Began


Life threw all sorts of professional challenges to Sahil. Even he had to face a few days separation too from Ritu, as she went to her uncle’s house in OOTY. But it was Sahil’s sheer determination and ‘power of love’ that he did the impossible. He not only excelled as sales professional but also drove the company’s profitability in that year. 

On the other hand, Ritu found it more and more impossible to live without Sahil. She still felt his presence in her life. Even her childhood friend (her dad’s choice as her ideal groom-to-be) couldn’t distract her from Sahil’s thoughts. 


And eventually somewhere in the end… Ritu finally found her soulmate in Sahil, and the two soon got married.


Final Thoughts: I watched this film 23 times in total ever since it was released in 2011. Once you start watching this film, you will lose yourself in a different world for the next 2.5 hours. Try it and you will love it for sure. 

Rating: *****/5 (5-Star Rated)

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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