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My Diary My Day: 8th And 9th And 10th October 20018 Day – 4 & 5 & 6

My Diary My Day

On the Monday morning, after waking up, I have breakfast, which was my fav oat meal. After having breakfast I went to doc where I wait for almost 45 to 50 minutes. Then I met with doc, oh yes, I went TO THE DOCTOR AS I WAS SUFFERRING FROM the massive ear pain.

Doc denied me to use head phone or ear phone as this can harm my ear and perhaps because of that the pain happen with my ear.

Alas!!! I’m just fond of ear phone but I have to sacrifice it!!!

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In the lunch, my sister was prepared bhindhi fry, dal and rice which was quite good food. After having the lunch, I just got ready and shoot my you tube video and in the video I discussed about “how to be practical”, in which I share my own opinion and it is very thankful to have such a good response on my video from my fans.

Watch the video here:

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In the night it was matar panner in the dinner and next day it was my sister’s birthday where we enjoy the birthday.

Birthday menu was cake, dahi bada and dry cake which was also good.

In the dinner I prepared fish with cabbage which is a Bengali recipe and I hope I prepared the recipe good. Still I’m having ear pain but I’m dealing with the same as I can’t do anything with that but I’m taking the medicine regularly and daily.

I hope in the coming days, my ear pain will be disappearing!!!

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