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My Diary My Day: 10th October 20018 Day – 7

It was just a random day when again I suffered with the ear pain but today thankfully I take all medicine timely. Today after a long time, my maternal uncle comes to met with us in the morning where we have some chat together.

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Today I skip breakfast as after having oat meal, two or three spoon; I started feeling burning sensation on my stomach, so I skip breakfast as today Morning there was masala oat in the breakfast.

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Instead I eat dahi bada and lunch was quite ordinary lunch. Today I also decided to leave all kinds of spicy food in order to deal with my bad health. And leaving or sacrificing of the spicy food Is also good for the health.

There is spicy dum aaloo and rice in the dinner but I prepare, simple lauki sabji for me which I will be have with rice as these days my health is not going well.

I hope I will be able to deal with my taste or will be sacrifice my taste which is requires for the well being of my health.

On the other side, I’m also suffering with the massive ear pain and seem like ear blockage but I am also taking the medicine timely, hope this will be help me!!

Today my day was too simple which I share with U. What can I say more, only #GoodNight!!!

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