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My Banking Dream Shattered | India | Broken Promise | Banking Jobs No More



Though I always wanted to work at a bank since my childhood days, but every thing changed once I completed my graduation and post graduation. I realized a career in banking wasn’t my cup of tea.

My friends tirelessly encouraged me a lot to start appearing for govt exams, and I really did as per them. Yes, I appeared at a lot of govt exams without much success.

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But constant failure at competitive job exams and rapid chaos at banking industry in the last few years have completely left me disinterested and disheartened. Yes, no work is bad. Every work is a sort of worship, but banking wasn’t for me. I realised it hard way that I can’t work at a bank as it directly disturbs my mental peace and dream of an ideal world.

#10) During the great demonetization of 2016, banking staff suffered most due to long working hours.

#9) Banking work can’t be done from home so these people work even in times of corona virus or other life-threatening diseases. Full-proof security measures and more cyber security needed to ensure that if required, bank professionals should be able to work from home.

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#8) Banks never give loans to needy people like me. They always give loan to big corporate people many of who never return money back.

I went from one bank to another in a prominent city while seeking a bank loan of just around Rs. 10,000/- some six-seven years back for my study and that too from a distance education university, but they simply denied for reasons best known to them.

#7) Banks may have offer good salary, but bank robbery is very risky. Many people lost lives because of it. Govt is too insensitive and never gives proper security inside banking premise.

#6) In March, many bank officers especially who are in the executive grade work till midnight to maintain proper accounting balance before 31st March. They are humans too!

#5) In bank, you do routine job. No way to use your brain and try doing something else.

#4) In bank, Your promotions depending upon how much loans u give and recover. But recovering is very tough job. Most debtors usually take loans and forget.

#3) Banking is a thankless job. People of the nation never realize that they r as important as the Indian army. So, people never thank banking professionals for their national service round the clock in one way or the other.

#2) Many Banking professionals work at rural interior areas without basic things like electricity, potable water and roads and medicine facilities.

#1) If u r posted at rural areas and some goons (with political connections) ask for loans then if you disagree, it will create personal enmity.

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So, I prefer peace over money. I may earn just Rs. 5000/- through simple writing work but I am happy and very sincere about it.

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