The exhilarating and exciting grand finale episode of the TV reality show, MTV Roadies Xtreme is telecasted on this Sunday. The final task of the TV reality stunt based show, MTV Roadies Xtreme, is all about the testing of the strength, intelligence and confidence of each aspiring stuntmen.

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At the TV reality show, MTV Roadies Xtreme, which is also turned to be the popular show, Neha Dhupia’s gang member Kashish Thakur Pundir and Prince Narula’s gang members Nishkarsh Arora and Preeti Kuntal reached to the grand finale round and fought the final battle.

Kashish Thakur

And Kashish managed to win the task and he won the title and a brand new car.

The task was needed for the contestants to first solve a difficult puzzle. The next stage needs them to display his performance in the platform MTV Roadies Xtreme AS their archery skills. In the last round, they had to wrestle their way in order to reach the target.

Kashish Thakur

Ex-Roadies also had a chance to give a disadvantage to any one of the present participants. Nishkarsh was given the penalty post he received maximum votes at the stage of this MTV Roadies Xtreme.

He had to carry a heavyweight iron ball while performing the task, on the other side, Kashish and Preeti did not manage to solve the puzzle, Kashish’s archery skills helped his go-ahead for the grand finale further task.

MTV Roadies Xtreme: Kashish Thakur Pundir Win The Show

MTV Roadies Xtreme

The 24-year-old MMA expert was very happy to win the MTV Roadies Xtreme, task. And more than him, his gang leader Neha Dhupia also embraced him after he won the TV reality show, MTV Roadies Xtreme.

Kashish, who was initially in Prince’s gang, was roped in by Neha which was happened in the mid-season contestant auction. This is Neha’s second win post-Shweta took home the title of the winner of MTV Roadies Xtreme, last year, on 2017 and she was also from the Neha’s gang anyway.

Roadies Xtreme also witnesses how Rannvijay Singha ditch his gang leader responsibilities but eventually he marks his return as a mentor for the stunt-based show.

Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa and Raftaar were seen as gang leaders for this season of the TV reality show Roadies Xtreme.

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