MS Dhoni holding Sarfraz’s son and this picture are going viral which display that no boundaries can bind Cricket and it also displays love across the border. Though the summit is in the spectacle, and both the cricket teams from India and Pakistan are now facing each other in the battleground of the Champions Trophy Finale Round.

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It is the current scenario or you can say perception is, now people are having due to the much-awaited match between India and Pakistan which is hype surrounding it. However, it is only the players who are in the centre of all of the attention.

The Image Of MS Dhoni Holding Sarfraz’s Son Is Going Viral & It Displays Love And Also Show That No Boundaries Can Bind Cricket

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But the captain of the team India MS Dhoni display real humanity or love as with huge love and affection he just holds the Pakistan captain Sarfraz’s son into his hands which also very loves image anyway!

A picture of MS Dhoni holding the child of the Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Khan, is going viral and also it’s melting all hearts on the social site and on the internet. The former Indian captain, MS Dhoni, who became a father to daughter Ziva, has certainly found his affinity to all the cute kids.

In the recently concluded IPL, a video surfaced showing the wicket-keeper are just extraordinary and they looks on the floor of an airport MS Dhoni just have some good time with the son of Imran Tahir, his franchise teammate and MS Dhoni also seen playing with the tender kid.

This picture of MS Dhoni appearing like a friend of the Sarfraz’s son shows genuine rivalry on a sports pitch is nothing like serious in fact sports rivalry is just part of a game.

Actually people some kind of shares good relationship with each other, especially in this Cricket field which we can consider as a game of love and the way MS Dhoni holding Sarfraz’s son it is just lovely to see.

So the any damn game needs to appreciate each other and also they need to celebrate. The rivalry is just part of game nothing serious on it and the way MS Dhoni holds the son of the rival team it is just amazing to feel to see!

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