Ace American singer Miley Cyrus often draws the flak and unwanted attention from the media and people for her peculiar and provocative dressing sense. But this time she has done something unprecedented. She performed Lakshmi Puja at her house without attending the popular superbowl event of this year. Miley Cyrus’s possible embracing of Hinduism is certainly gaining ground now.

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The 24-year-old vocalist performed Lakshmi Puja in full hindu ‘riti and riwaz’ at her residence in Malibu a few days back. These images went viral and got liked more than thousands of times by fans and people from all across the globe.

Miley Cirus Observes Lakshmi Puja 

On her instagram status with the caption Puja, the jovial singer posted a beautiful photo of her room with flower petals sprinkled all over along with lights which resembled a “diya”. Diya is an important festival lamp used on Hindu religious occasions. A few teaspoonfuls of oil or ghee and a “palita” (rolled cotton) is necessary to illuminate this traditional lamp.

Miley Cyrus Tryst with Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma

Though Miley Cyrus is a born Christian, but she has a profound faith in Hinduism. She has also engraved “Karma” tattoo on her finger and “Om” (powerful sacred word from Sanatan Dharma) tattoed on her wrist way – which she did in 2012.

Miley Cyrus has always been tightlipped about her religious belief but her latest instagram pictures make it quite clear that the singer has a humongous respect and interest in Hindu religion.

The smile on Miley Cyrus’s face revealed that she had wholeheartedly observed the “Lakshmi Puja” (Goddess Lakshmi Worship) at her house. Reportedly, the singer is also is in touch with a Hindu religious guru for her spiritual enlightenment.

Saluting Miley Cyrus’s Love for Hindu Religion

Miley had offered traditional fruits, halwa (Indian dessert) and incense sticks to the hindu gods and goddesses in a traditional way at the puja. A sneak-peek into the picture shows a Hindu pundit conducting Lakshmi puja in a conventional Hindu style. The pictures show a temporary arrangement of a temple like décor at Miley’s room.

The Other Side of Miley Cyrus

The Singer Preaches for World Peace

Miley Cyrus is now currently engaged to the 27-year-old Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth. It is now highly speculated that the duo could get married in a traditional Hindu style in the near future.

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