The Microsoft is famous for bringing a new location-tracking feature which is being composed in its Android launcher app. As per the available in preview, this one is the new family tracking feature which permitted the Microsoft Launcher users to track the last identified location of their family anyway.

This current launcher also includes an activity to report of what an apps are being used on a device for how much long time, which are very comparable and analogous to Microsoft’s family account feature.

Microsoft’s Android launchers now will be help public to track their kid’s location and the usage of the app

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The Microsoft’s Android location tracking is a vital part of a broader set of family-focused that is a part of the development or an advanced feature of the on Android and the web.

At the same time, due to the Microsoft has always provide its support to the various website blocking on Windows PCs, the software maker is expanded this feature to Android also.

Any accessible Microsoft family group website blocks for Windows machines can carry over to Edge for Android, making it little bit easy to block websites in both mobile and PC.

Microsoft is even also launching an MSN Kids site, which is designed to provide curated news particularly for kids, who are in the in the elementary or middle school age range.

“We saw a need for a place for kids to learn about the world in a safe, trustworthy and fun environment,” explains by the Microsoft’s general manager of mobile experiences, Shilpa Ranganathan.

“The site offers editorially curated, age-appropriate news and features from partner publishers such as Time for Kids, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, and USA TODAY.”

This can be touted as the big advantage and a good point for the Android users who are also the iPhone owners, and this new app, Android tracking app, is also giving an ability to the users to customise their device with different home screen launchers.

Though, this new feature, Android tracking app, is one of the quite surprisingly feature, but, indeed this is also one of the best feature of the android and for the Microsoft Launcher.

It’s free and well-designed: clean-looking, minimalistic, yet flexible are enough which are not pushed towards Bing search (although the Bing daily wallpapers are nice) or any proprietary functionality in lieu of apps you already use.

What makes it more attractive for parents is an update which permitted public to keep track of their child’s location and to also look after them easily.

For those with the Microsoft Family service set up on their laptops and Xbox, this functionality now broaden to the Android Launcher on your kid’s phone and is noticeable in the Family widget on the home screen also.

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