The IIT JEE Main is one of the toughest exams, every year more than 10 lackhs students appear for this exam.  The number  of seats for admission to IITs is limited. With such a stiff competition, and with a relatively vast syllabus, preparing for the JEE Main 2018 is certainly a pretty daunting task!

Setting your priorities straight

It is very important to set your priorities straight. If you are thinking that you will be enjoying your life after getting admission into IIT, then you should think again. Now that you are really sure that IIT JEE is what you want, it is time to make some important decisions.

IIT JEE Preparation

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What are all the options that are open to you? Have you considered the option of going abroad for your undergraduate education? What exams besides JEE are you going to prepare for? What activities besides the JEE will require your time and energy?

Creating a master plan

Your answers to the above questions would have helped you have a vision of what your preparation phase will roughly be like. It is advisable, at this stage, to create a master-plan for your preparations to make concrete the ideas that you have in mind. Write down your aim. Arrange for the syllabus. Meet your mentors and discuss how the syllabus is to be covered.

Exam 2018 IIT JEE

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Many students starts their preparation without looking at the syllabus, which is completely nonsense, if you are really serious about the exam then prepare according to the syllabus. If you are going to appear for other exams, say the International Physics/Mathematics Olympiad, or the JEE, you may also create similar plans for them, making sure that your different plans support and complement each other.

Before starting your preparation, you should have jee mains 2018 syllabus pdf download in your mobile or Laptop.

Advice on textbooks, coaching etc.

There is no shortage of books in the market catering to the “latest JEE trends”. However, it is my firm belief that the only trend that JEE shows is its focus on understanding as opposed to rote learning and its emphasis on the ability to apply one’s knowledge in new and unforeseen problems. If you are looking for the good study material then you can buy it from website. In their study material, everything is explained in a good manner.

Preparation for IIT JEE

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I attended Bansal Classes and found my experience there to be a stimulating and enriching one. The institute has split up since then and Vibrant Classes has emerged as a serious competitor to other coaching institutes.

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The advantages of joining a (good enough) classroom programme are – good faculty guidance, interaction with other motivated and talented students, planned preparation, and continuous evaluation of your performance.

IIT JEE 2018

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There are, however, examples of students who have done exceedingly well in the exam without taking any specialized coaching. So, the choice of whether or not to join a coaching institute lies completely with the student. You can take the decision according to your situation. I hope that these tips will help you lot in your preparation.

We wish you all the best for your preparation. Best of luck and remember that there is no shortcut to hard work.

Study well and crack IIT JEE with higher ranks. Best of Luck!

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