Mersal review – Live update: Atlee Kumar’s Mersal features, Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha and Nithya Menen’s movie received positive reviews.

Vijay has doubled the joy of Diwali festival as his film Mersal hit theatres on this Diwali, so on Wednesday, and 18th, the mostly received positive points and feedback from the critics and fans.

With the movie Mersal actually Vijay who is one of the most popular actors of the Southern cinema reunited with his Theri director Atlee Kumar and it seems like the film is going repeat the same success which Theri did.

Mersal movie review: Live audience response

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The movie actor Ilayathalapathy Vijay post his success of the film Theri, in 2015, there are some expectations we are having from Mersal.

Well, the film has opened to fairly positive reviews, although a section of the audience is saying the second half of the film is not going well.

Mersal Cast and Crew

Kajal Aggarwal had paired up with Vijay in the movie Mersal after Jilla and Thuppakki, while Samantha will be also seen romancing with the actor after Theri.

Nithya Menen will be also featured with Vijay in the Atlee Kumar’s film.

SJ Suryah, who was recently seen as a sadist villain in Mahesh Babu’s Spyder, and he will be also seen as an antagonist in the movie Mersal.

Sathyaraj, Rajendran, Yogi Babu, Cheenu Mohan and others in the cast. Vadivelu, who shared an amazing chemistry with Vijay in films like Pokkiri, Friends, and Bhagavathi sharing screen space with each other after some years.

Mersal movie review: Live audience response

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He worked with Vijay in the movie Kaavalan. Two-time Oscar Award winner AR Rahman composed music for the movie Mersal. Aalaporaan Tamizhan, Neethanae and Macho songs give some goosebumps and relaxation to the listeners.

The cinematography of the film is done by GK Vishnu and Ruben did the editing. Their good works are evidence that is why teaser and trailer of the film Mersal turn to be the huge hit and the film also received such a huge response from the fans.

Mersal Story:

The story of Mersal revolves around three characters — a village man, a magician and a doctor. It is a thriller and story of a son who takes revenge from the person, who killed his parents.

Mersal movie review: Live audience response

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The narration is about exposing some corrupted people which are also the crux of the film Mersal.

Average Ratings Given by Audience to Mersal: 3

The much-awaited film Raja The Great hit theatres this week

Mersal Reviews:

The first half of Mersal has come under full appreciation, while the second half has garnered the mixed response. Vijay’s steals the show with his acting, but Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal do not have stronger roles compared to Nithya Menen. Vadivelu plays an important character, but there are not many scenes that will break the funny bones of the viewers. Sathyaraj and SJ Suryah are underutilized, say, viewers. In total, the audience says that it is an enjoyable ride which should not be missed by Vijay fans.

Mersal movie review: Live audience response

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Here, find the audience’s reaction to the film:

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Mersal. A word about #SJSuryah. Good in parts but his English sticks out like a sore thumb. No match for his terrific performance in Spyder
Smart of #Jyothika to opt out of #Mersal. Nithya’s role was a joke. Her ambition is to have 19 kids. #Kajal & #Sam. Best if not discussed.
#Mersal. It’s perfectly alright to rehash old stories and give us a new product. But for it to work the packaging matters a lot.
#Mersal was unimaginably boring. #Vijay shines, yes, but story-wise the film struggles and how to engage throughout. Needlessly lengthy.

S.Kapilan: #Mersal #MersalReview only #NithyaMenon has the big part in the movie. #Kajalagarwal & #Samantha just for songs – like just for initials
#Mersal #MersalReview Vadivel and Vijay are the main characters, you will feel only them. No much importance given for other characters
#Mersal #MersalReview I have already seen similar magic scenes in #NowYouSeeMe English movie. So, I am not impressed – but nicely done

Shafana Hussain: Still illogical. Still unnecessary songs, fights, and stupidities all along the way. Tamil Cinema has got really long way to overcome!#Mersal

Kaushik LM: #Thalapathy #Vijay’s political ideologies are peppered all over #Mersal, with sharp dialogs. The ‘GST’ line earned wild cheers!
#Mersal – Among the 3 heroines, only #NithyaMenen has a meaty role & she pulls it off confidently as always. Great chemistry with #Thalapathy
After #Thalapathy #Vijay, debutant @dop_gkvishnu is the next hero of #Mersal. He has captured & delivered the scale of the film so well
#Mersal – Ultimately, it’s an apt mass festival film. Get repeat value for #Thalapathy #Vijay fans & easily watchable for family audiences.
#Mersal -Traces of many older classic mass films. Could’ve been crisper! #Thalapathy #Vijay big plusThe way he runs & folds his veshti
#Mersal -Really long at 170 mins. Ends with a social msg on the importance of medical facilities. Complete treat for #Thalapathy #Vijay fans
#Mersal 2nd half – #Vijay rocks as ‘Thalapathy’ with his Madurai landhu, slang, veeram & emotions. Superb makeover; one of his best!
#Mersal 1st half – The making&grandeur are unmistakable. The suave magic gimmicks add good fun to the experience. So far so good, @Atlee_dir
#Mersal 1st half -#Vijay rocked with his energetic dance in #MersalArasan. A feast for his fans all through! ‘Thalapathy’ character inimey dan
#Mersal 1st half -Commercial Celebration! ‘Lot more to come’, says #Thalapathy #Vijay himself. Apt..The star ROCKS. Pre-interval theri mass

Prashanth Rangaswamy: Beauty about #Mersal – @Atlee_dir has made the movie for entire family and not just fans !!
#Mersal – Just go with your family. You will feel like a pakka Deepavali Gift. 2 minutes silence for all Vijay Annan haters.
#Mersal – Congrats @Atlee_dir for giving us this year’s biggest blockbuster ! You have achieved the impossible !!
Vijay annan – He has given his soul to this movie !! Atlee has got the best out of him!!
#Mersal interval – @Atlee_dir started with the first gear, slowly shifted gears and switches to high-speed mode at the interval. Top quality !!

kuchuku_29: Saw #Mersal it is a good movie….loved #Vijay’s Madurai character….
Exciting 1st Half…but disappointed with the second half…overall one-time watch #Mersal

Raghavendra: What I loved in #Mersal in #Vijay’s ability to do three roles with ease and bring variety to all the roles…
Atlee Kumar is turning out to be KS Ravikumar of our generation…. Packing all the ingredients in close to 3-hour film #Mersal.
Overall, I give 3 rating out of 5 #Mersal

Priyanka: @actorvijay and @Atlee_dir’s #Mersal some genuine questions abt our health industry…. I see the thread of the film inspired by #Kaththi
@actorvijay love for your energetic performance….easily one-time watch for your performance. I give 3/5. #Mersal

Sridevi Sreedhar: #Mersal interval report: paisa vasool Vijay entertainer. Perfect packaging! Never a dull moment Interval block is true #Mersal!!!!! #Mersal A perfect festival entertainer for the entire family! The second half is meaty, pucca mass & a perfect revenge riot! Worth ur money and time. @actorvijay @MenenNithya

ChristopherKanagaraj: #Mersal | 1st half – Thalapathy’s mirattal as Vetri-Maaran. Emotional & mass. Outstanding cinematography & editing. 3 songs. Atlee strikes!

K Bulli Swami Reddy: Atlee is now back to his elements. Vetri, Maaran Takes on villains
climax pre-climax ok #Mersal
rural episodes getting dragged on and on #Mersal this is the only disappointed scene till now
finally, flash back scene ended nd switched to current story #Mersal flashback is the bit sentimental
flashback set in 1980 rural Tamilnadu so what lengthy but not at all boring #Mersal
flashback time 3rd Vijay his wife nithyaa❤️ #Mersal
Dr.maaran nd vetri 2 characters with ease only possible to Vijay sir in Kollywood and NTR in Hollywood #Mersal

African Kabali: Ummm so about that magic show you don’t wanna miss it.. damn what a twist #Mersal damnnn
Hoodie #VIJAY too much swagg.. #VIJAY is too gangsta I swear if he lived in the states hef be a wicked rapper 🙂 #Mersal
U know y there was no black man In that magic show right?? Yeah you guessed right that big Tiger ain’t no way any black man staying #Mersal

PaniPuri#Mersal Movie Done-#Thalapathy @actorvijay Career’s Biggest BlockBuster. A feast for Fans.@Samanthaprabhu2 @MsKajalAggarwal #MersalReview #Mersal -2nd Half also too good. Sure Shot Blockbuster in #Thalapathy @actorvijay Career. Fans can start Festival 1day before.#MersalReview

Movie Scientist: #Mersal #Review #Live The movie shows a social cause. Vijay has portrayed the character well. The first half is going nicely with pace SathyaRaj and Vadivelu is impressive. Casting has been perfect #AalaporaanTamizhan Goosebumps throughout the song #VisualTreat Vijay, @Atlee_dir Mersal team nail it. Intense social mass masala in classy style. Diwali Blockbuster

Rajesh Macintosh: #Mersal Review: ☆☆☆☆4Stars • #Vijay Terrific Performance • Lavish Production Designing • Power Packed Story & Action • @arrahman Songs

I am Aravind: Best In #Mersal: – Nithyamenon Act. – Vijay Character Changing – BGM – Mass Moments from First Hald – Climax – Vadivelu Performance – Interval Block Overall, HUGE BLOCKBUSTER

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Mersal interval – @Atlee_dir started with the first gear, slowly shifted gears and switches to high-speed mode at the interval. Top quality !! Vijay annan – He has given his soul to this movie !! Atlee has got the best out of him!! #Mersal – Congrats @Atlee_dir for giving us this year’s biggest blockbuster! You have achieved the impossible !! #Mersal – Just go with your family. You will feel like a pakka Deepavali Gift. 2 minutes silence for all Vijay Annan haters.

The Reel Review Raja: #Mersal 2/5 Okish 1St Half saved by Vadivelu & Vijay s few mass moments. The worst 2nd half Pathetic ending, with a message. Flop to B.Avg

Sai Krishna: #Mersal | 1st half – Thalapathy’s marita as Vetri-Maaran.Emotional& mass.Outstanding cinematography 3 songs. Atlee strikes! #Thalapathy #mersal – Best movie So far in Indian industry #Thalapathy rocks from the beginning …you have nailed it again.@Atlee_dir Interval❤

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