On Menstrual Hygiene Day, we will share some tips that can help you to deal with those difficult days in the month.

Menstruation is one of the vital processes of a woman’s body and it deserves our attention, caution, and self-care. Ensuring proper hygiene during the period is very crucial and eating right is the key to easing the pain which is very difficult for any woman to go through.

5 things girls should keep in mind for her menstrual hygiene

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Today, on Menstrual Hygiene Day, promise yourself healthy and happy periods you will have.

1). Change your sanitary napkin every 4-6 hours-

Changing sanitary napkins is very important for the women are under her period days within every 4-6 hours. Menstrual blood, when released from the body attracts various organisms from our bodies, which can result and cause irritation, rashes or urinary tract infections. Changing your sanitary napkin will prevent infections.

2). Wash yourself properly-

Washing yourself properly is very important extremely regularly and on the days of the period, it is most important to wash properly as cleanses is the essence to the relief of pain.

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3). Eating good food and proper food:

Eating good food and proper food with some proper measure of nutritional is very important for those difficult days to deal with the period. Good food means in the proper quantity of food and good and well nourishes like, cereals, fresh vegetables’, fruits, fish, meat, milk and so on.

Good food can ease the periodic pain and in the time of period the person should take proper rest and proper sleep is very important to deal with the difficult of those days.

4). Avoid physical exercise or excesses physical movement

During the time of period a woman or girl should avoid excessive exercise or physical movement, even physical exercise, jumping, cycling, avoids carrying heavy stuff or things or dancing need to avoid as it can cause bleeding which can be harmful to a victim of the period.

If you feel something difficulties in those days immediately contact the doctor as a doctor can help you to deal with the disease.

5). Avoid sour food during the period

During the period it is most important for a person to avoid sour food as sour food can increase bleeding so sour food strictly should be avoided during this time like orange, lemon, and tamarind and so on.

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