Let’s speak about Dev Kumar Verma who has made this theory or dream come true that if people want then they can deliver knowledge or education to the poor children so, Dev Kumar Verma makes a unique school Pathshala.

Once when Dev Kumar Verma was attending and presents in an election duty in his village Katras, Dhanbad, this election was held in a government school.

In the desk, he was shocked to see some leave letters penned by nine and ten standard kids. He was shocked to see the spelling mistakes in the leave letters.

He was also reportedly stunned to see that why the teachers are not keen to know the reason of this leave letters, now in spite of taking up the matter to the CM, he analyzed the sad situation of education in our nation for poor kids.

Meet With Dev Kumar Verma Is Spending 40% Of His Salary To Run A School For Poor Children

Image Courtesy: Dev Kumar Verma

This is the situation of Dev Kumar Verma’s life when his effort brings him towards this unique Pathshala School to start the same.

How did the Pathshala start?

It was the time when Dev Kumar Verma decided with his wife Priyanka Verma to do something concrete to address this major education issue at their own capacity. Verma said that kids of the country need better education, responsibility, values, and independence.

Dev Kumar Verma just thinks something unique to serve the society and he started giving free tuition and education to poor kids in his ancestral home which eventually turn to be a full-fledged school, Pathshala for children up to class 5.

The main aim of the school Patshala is to support poor kids by distributing good education to them whose parents don’t afford the same. This is an amazing step set by Mr Dev to bring developement in our county as education is the main source of development.

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Image Source: https://thelogicalindian.com Mineral water facility for the students.

He converted his ancestral home into the school which gradually turn to be an English-medium school. Pathshala has all basic facilities which include, dedicated teachers, separate toilets for girls and boys, a playground and water connection.

Dev Kumar Verma also arranged to provides auto- rickshaws for students who are settled in the far- off places. He thinks and said that even the poor people should have access to good educational facilities which are partly available in the big cities also and people can hardly get the education in the whole country without paying hefty fees for the same.

The Samaritan Dev Kumar Verma exclusively said to the media portal, The Logical Indian, “We thought if we are able to make a difference even for a single student that is enough for us. What began as a small tuition point in 2014 became a full-fledged school by Mar 2015”.

Dev Kumar Verma felt this that poor children are also having the right to education because he is also coming impoverished background. He saw the struggles of his father as a laborer for which the education was undergoing from him.

He thus wants children and their parents to not go through the battle that he faced.

He wanted to extend the support to the kids which he received from his uncle in pursuing his studies to all other kids in his native place which he begins with.

Meet With Dev Kumar Verma Is Spending 40% Of His Salary To Run A School For Poor Children

Image Source: https://thelogicalindian.com A classroom in the Pathshala

He thinks if he charges children fees even if it is a nominal amount then he will be same as the private school who charged the hefty price in order to sell the education.

The business of the private school is exploitative in his opinion. His desire to give back to the society to uplift the people massive literally that’s why Dev Kumar Verma spend almost 35-40% of his salary goes towards this school Patshala.

While the financial aspect takes care of one dimension of the problem, Dev feels that good education plays an important role to bring equality in the social strata of our society as education is already getting expensive so it is getting void which is not good for the future of our nation.

Dev Kumar Verma is also thinking that his effort towards good education will be present itself as the role model which can bring development to our nation.

Inculcating values among the children

Good teaching is essential for the better development of kids.   Dev made brand new school essentials at 20% of the original price in the stationary shop, in order to inculcate honesty in kids. The name of this store is ‘Honesty shop’. Kids need to take the required stationary and they need to pay required money for the same by themselves in the box.

Meet With Dev Kumar Verma Is Spending 40% Of His Salary To Run A School For Poor Children

Image Source: https://thelogicalindian.com A student putting money in the cashbox in the honesty shop.

This is just starting Dev Kumar Verma said that few kids are taking two pencils but putting the price of 1 pencil only in the cash box. They then started teaching what honesty is all about which is one of the most important aspects for the kids.

They slowly started seeing the transformation. Now every student puts exact amount in the cash box to take an exact stuff and Dev Kumar Verma also teach children that they should have requested their parents to not fight for money which is passing.

Meet With Dev Kumar Verma Is Spending 40% Of His Salary To Run A School For Poor Children

Image Source: https://thelogicalindian.com

In abundance number of kids are coming in the Pathshala since kids are now doing well in competitions which include arts & crafts, science competitions, elocutions etc., The Parents are more than happy to see that their children are getting a good education which they can’t afford for.“I am happy to see my son Mohit learning English, he is teaching English alphabets to his friends” said Saraswati Devi, a household worker who cleans the houses stated to various media.

Dev reaches out to every poor kid who can’t afford education and assures them to give proper education if they join his school.

Article source: Logical India

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