One of the most popular actresses of the 1950s era, Meena Kumari, is literally, blessed with a beautiful face and expressive eyes which has been captured in a Google doodle in the very unique avatar.

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The Google Doodle is devoted to the late legendary actress Meena Kumari on her 85th birth anniversary on 1 August.

“As shown in the doodle, Meena Kumari captivated audiences with her beautiful, expressive eyes,” as per the official Google Doodle page.

Meena Kumari

Born in 1933, Meena Kumari grew up in the light, camera, action and she is working in Bollywood movies since she was the age of four when she was known as Baby Meena.

Eventually, Meena Kumari became a formidable actor in Indian cinema, and she has been appearing in more than 90 movies during her 38-year career.

She portrayed strong yet vulnerable women, memorable characters in movies, who made their own way through life, though they were often devastated by romance, which reflected on screen too.

Her grief-stricken performances in the Hindi movies always attracted a plenty of eyeballs, though, those were very emotional characters played by Meena Kumari in the very realistic way.

Meena Kumari and her realistic roles fetched her the epithet ‘Tragedy Queen’. She came to be known for sailing because she showcases some complex emotions on-screen with ease, which used to steal shows during that era.

Some of her unforgettable movies, include “Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam”, “Pakeezah”, “Mere Apne”, “Aarti”, “Baiju Bawra”, “Parineeta”, “Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai”, “Foot Path”, “Dil Ek Mandir” and “Kaajal”.

Apart from being an iconic star of Hindi cinema, Meena Kumari was also regarded as a poet of great flair and delicacy and she was famous in that era for her literary stuff and work and she was also very creative known for her creativity.

She died in 1972 due to liver cirrhosis, at the age of 32.

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