This festive season why not try out preparing a tasty rasmalai at home? You might be little scared hearing the same, but to be honest it’s just a matter of 15-20 minutes or may be less to prepare a tasty rasmalai. Follow these simple 8 steps and done. Delicious rasmalai recipe is ready! Read now;


Liquid Milk: 1 Litre

Rasgulla or pure chhena: 500-gram

Powder Sugar: 2-cup

Elaichi (Cardamom) Powder: 2-Tablespoon

Kesar (Saffron): A little bit

Pesta (Pistachio): 7-8 Pieces

How to Make Rasmalai in 8 Simple Steps

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Step By Step Rasmalai Preparation Procedure

  1. Boil the milk in a pan and add powdered sugar over it.
  2. Add Cardamom powder when the milk is boiled properly.
  3. Switch off your gas stove. Keep the Pan aside and let it cool.
  4. Keep all the Rasgullas in a separate bowl.
  5. Now press each rasgulla and put them one by one into the milk pan.
  6. Take a cup and add little milk to it with the Saffron. Stir in well.
  7. Now, splash the Kesar milk in the milk pan.
  8. Adding a few pieces of Pistachio over the milk bowl, you can now put it inside your refrigerator to cool. Serve it chilled. It’s awesome. Try it today.

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Why this overwhelming craze for Rasmalai?

Rasmalai is a pure desi dessert and originating from the real India. The word ras mala is derived from the two words ras and malai. It means “Juice” and “Cream” respectively. So the basic idea behind this desi dish is to let the person swallow both the juice and rasgulla too (though in its flattened form).

How to Make Rasmalai in 8 Simple Steps

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Rasmalai and Rasgulla Connection

Usually, people refrain from swallowing the juice from the rasgulla fearing it might choke the throat. But rasmalai’s ras is relatively thin, sweet and flavored. In English, Ras malai is often referred to as a “cheesecake without a crust”. It is believed KC Das invented Rasagulla and Ras malai for the first time in West Bengal.

Using rasgullas for rasmalai is highly recommended as it takes lesser efforts and time. You can use chhena too, but you may then need to give proper shape to these chhenas which might take additional time. Rasmalai is hugely popular dish all across the country. In fact, in many festivals, it is the standard dessert across the nation.

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