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The relevance of Mahatma Gandhi to the contemporary era is huge. In fact, with such a huge amount of mutual distrust, disharmony and violent activities all around, Mahatma Gandhi’s principles come as a whiff of fresh air to us.

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The nomenclature itself says Mahatma Gandhi, translating the same into English, we mean ‘The Great Soul, and he proved the same again and again. While writing an article, I hate looking into history books because that only confuses me more. Keeping this article short and simple, I will highlight here why Gandhi is still relevant to us and he will remain so forever. It’s my opinion and perceptions!

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#1. Without Gandhi, India’s freedom from British rule was impossible. We couldn’t beat them violently… they had far more weapons and armed men than us. It was Gandhi who initiated several mass agitations on several occasions that forced Britishers to leave India.

#2. While many still consider Gandhi was responsible for India’s partition but it was, solely and only Jinnah who was adamant for a separate Muslim land. Gandhi and Nehru never wanted India’s partition.

#3. Gandhi preached humanity for the manual scavengers. How many leaders in today’s times even ack lodge that these people exist and their welfare is needed.? Today, our leaders only and only talk abt caste and religion and nothing else.

#4. Gandhi talked abt the Khadi movement. Can u even how many people would have become totally and gainfully self-employed if Gandhi’s Khadi movement was seriously implemented. As always, without realizing its underlying importance Khadi simply remains a national symbol to us!

#5 Nonviolence: ok tell me one thing what did people ever achieve by using violence as a tool? Hitler might have been a patriot German but the day he resorted to violence and massive killing – he is just like any other terrorist.

#6. In a vast country like India, crores of people would have died if we resorted to armed rebellions against the Britishers. Gandhi’s theory of pacifism and nonviolence still holds. And mind you, everything is not fair in war. The Us is still unable to justify its atom bomb attack on Japan.

#7. if India is a superpower today, it’s only because we focused our attention on peace. We would have got nothing by waging a war. However, if other country attacks us, first then we have full right to hit back.

#8. Gandhi never wanted to be in politics. He was outside the politics yet an integral part of it. Gandhi ensured India’s Independence lawfully and democratically. Most countries recognized India as can independent country but we would have lost that global support had we used any other technique!

#9. Bhagat Singh was a great freedom fighter but the way his bomb hurling affected two innocent lives — it was enough. We needed a nonviolent approach to freedom and Gandhi showed us the way.

Gandhi is such an important person, that we can’t imagine a secular, democratic, justice-oriented, equality-to-all that India is today. And, thankfully, he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize because as a person and his ideas are much bigger than that honor. It would have reduced his value to a simple Nobel Laureate that he was not. Gandhi was a world within itself. If you are not educated enough, then you will always consider him wrong or unimportant!

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