Durga is defined as the Adi-Parashakti herself. The Maa Durga is always regarded as the ultimate and supreme goddess and she is the main deity in the Shaktism also.

In facts, the place Maa Durga is having in Shaktism is very akin to the place which Lord Krishna occupy in the Vaishnavism.

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Born as Parvati or Gowri, received the name Durga, the post she killed Mahishasura, the deadly demon of her time, which is mentioned in the Hindu legend Skanda Purana.

Maa Durga: 12 Interesting Facts About The Goddess, The Epitome Of Women Empowerment

1). Maa Durga is blessed with 10 arms which actually represent each direction of the religion Hinduism. This also suggests that she will be always there to protects her devotes in all directions of their lives.

25 Mind-blowing facts about Goddess Durga & Durga-Puja

2). We can see that the Maa Durga is often seat on a lion or tiger which is actually symbolized unlimited power. Durga riding a lion or tiger show that she possesses unlimited power to make it possible of winning Good over evil.

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3). She is the incarnated power of all beings- where she is there to always destroy or defeat each and every evil from this world.

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4). Durga is also regarded as the other half of Shiva; her husband as per Hindu legend, Shiva is said to be the form, Maa Durga is the expression.

Durga is half of Shiva

5). Shakti (Durga) is regarded as the mother of the universe, while her husband Lord Shiva is touted as the father.

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6). She’s also presented as “Shakti”, which means the epitome of the female power or the women empowerment.

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7). The Trishul or trident which the Maa Durga can be seen having in her hands, actually, said to be the symbol of the three human qualities– Satwa (an individual’s state of mind), Rajas (desires, wishes, and ambitions) and Tamas (lethargy and stress).

In order to attain peace and happiness, each human being should maintain a proper balance between these 3 qualities.

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8). Durga is also referred as “Triyambake”, which means 3 eyed goddesses.

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9). The Other armaments which Maa Durga is having in her hands, like, a mace, sword, disc, and arrow, convey the idea that one weapon cannot destroy different types of enemies and we need different types of armaments’ in order to destroy different kinds of enemies.

So in the battlefield, we will be using different weapons to slay different enemies, it is strictly depending upon the circumstances.

For example, selfishness must be destroyed with the detachment, the prejudice can be by self-knowledge, and ego can be by the discrimination.

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10). The Durga Puja was as per story commemorates by the Raja Rama of Ramayana when he was offered puja to the Maa Durga and he also seeks blessings from the Maa before he leaves for the Lanka war with the king Ravana.

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11). Lord Rama is also known as the first man to worshipped Maa Durga as the ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ (the other name for the Goddess).

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12). Maa Durga, is received the name as ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ as she defeated and killed the deadly buffalo-demon for the welfare of this universe.

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