The budding singer from Hyderabad LV Revanth is part of the singing reality show Indian Idol 9. No doubt, LV Revanth is ‘an ocean of talent’ due to his mesmerising voice. He is also having a massive fan-base.

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Is Established Singer Like LV Revanth Justified To Be In Indian Idol 9?

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Panel judge team of the singing reality show Indian Idol is just impressed with Revanth, including Sonu Nigam, Farah Khan, especially Anu Malik. Anu also explains why it’s worth to have the Baahubali singer LV Revanth on the talent hunt show Indian Idol.

He said to media about LV Revanth’s selection, “We have picked up them also. And the rationale is that “yeh manch nahi, yeh rishta hai jo bharat ko bharat se jodta hai”, you would have heard these lines. Till date, we have never got any South Indian singer. Go back to Indian Idol’s previous seasons, we never got that. This season, if we would have wanted, we could have avoided because they don’t speak our language. The unique part of this boy was he couldn’t speak Hindi but when he started singing in Hindi, I, Sonu and Farah looked at each other.

We weren’t told earlier that he is from South; he came and told us that he has already sung. Personally, as a judge and even for Sonu and Farah, we didn’t want to miss this singer because he hasn’t sung any Hindi song, he doesn’t know the Hindi language, he can’t speak it but he sings well. If he would have sung Hindi songs earlier then maybe I would have said that you have got the experience”.

No wonder, LV Revanth is a complete performer and has the potential to go far in this singing world but still is it justified to take an established singer like LV Revanth in the talent hunt show? Talent hunt show is considered to give an opportunity to the newcomers and aspiring singers. Then why LV Revanth is here in Indian Idol?

LV Revanth doesn’t need any platform like Indian Idol to promote or to display his talent as he is already part of one of the big cinema industry Tollywood. Indeed he also crooned his voice for the popular chartbuster of the blockbuster flick “…..Baahubali, Manohari…” of the film Baahubali.

And Indian Idol in its previous seasons had South Indian singers on its board as a contestant. I’m here talking about Sreerama Chandra Mynampati fondly known as Sriram who was part of the singing show 2010 Indian Idol 5. Sriram also won the season 5 of Indian Idol in 2010. Interestingly, Sriram was also from Hyderabad. So this question obviously arises that is LV Revanth justified to be part of Indian Idol 9?

Catch Manohari Video Song from Baahubali here:


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