‘Lucknow Central’
U/A; Drama/Musical/Thriller
Director: Ranjit Tiwari
Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty, Gippy Grewal, Deepak Dobriyal, Ronit Roy, Inaamulhaq, Rajesh Sharma
Rating: ***

The debutante director Ranjit Tiwari’s ability to fluff up this interesting tale about dreams, loss and surviving life’s catastrophes is praiseworthy.

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Inspired by true incidents, ‘Lucknow Central’ revolves around 5 jail inmates who dream of freedom and crux of the story Lucknow Central is all about that.

The movie actor Farhan Akhtar plays the lead role in the movie Lucknow Central and he just gets into the skin of the character of this small town guy Kishan. Something which is catchy in the movie is that Kishan repeatedly emphasized on the catchy lines: “Bande qaid hote hain, sapne nahin,’ or ‘Shehar chote hote hai, sapne nahi.’

Lucknow Central: Movie Review - It Surely Deserves 3 Stars

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An aspiring singer from Moradabad, Kishan wishes to form a music band, but unfortunately, he lands into the jail after being imprecisely accused of murder. While he awaits his trial, he gets to know about the chief minister (played by Ravi Kishan), whose character is partially inspired from the Akhilesh Yadav reportedly.

The chief minister has announced an inter-jail music competition which will be the part of the Independence Day ceremony. Meanwhile, Kishan decided to form a band with the help of an NGO worker (played by Diana Penty) with the hidden motive of making an escape.

Kishan’s inmates help him in order to succeed the master plan, with the hope that Kishan will be making his dream come true and story of the Lucknow Central is all about that.

But Kishan faces his biggest obstacle when he bumped with a rough and tough jailor (Ronit Roy), a staunch opponent of reforms, Ronit Roy also is in the mood to destroy Kishan’s plan as he can assume that Kishan is planning something.

Lucknow Central

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Will Kishan succeed? You’ll have to watch the film to know, and the journey of this small town guy Kishan in the movie Lucknow Central.

Performances wise Farhan Akhtar just nailed it in the title role of Kishan which is ideal to be considered among the best performances of the actor.

Rajesh Sharma, Deepak Dobriyal, Inaamulhaq and Gippy Grewal stand out with praiseworthy and each one did justice to their roles.

Lucknow Central will make you laugh and cry, it will also give you a memory to store in your mind. The twist of the film is also thrilling which will give you something to think about the movie.

An important scene of this melodrama is Kishan experiences the imminent deadly circumstances that await him as a jailor gives him a tour of the principle, will leave an impact.

Though Ronit is essayed some kind of very similar role which he already did in the Akshay Kumar’s Boss, so it will be ideal to say that Ronit nothing offers us new in Lucknow Central.

Lucknow Central

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Though commercial in approach, Tiwari keeps his film modest and thus, relatable. However, the film also gone through some minor falls but it will not as important to discuss the same.

The music could have been played a vital role in the film, but music is not as catchy as Akhtar’s most of the films are. A casual climax gives the film Lucknow Central give it very predictable end.

Lucknow Central

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Though it is the hugely entertaining movie and deserves to have 3 stars because of its strong storyline and most of the actors did justice to their role, however, Farhan Akhtar just delivered an incredible performance in the movie after Bhaagh Milkha Bhaagh and Wazir.

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