Ravi’s neighbor (s) were Ismail and Parveen – a couple. They have a son named “Asif”. He was 6-years old. Both the families live at a costly compound in Lucknow’s posh Gomti Nagar. Ravi and Karla have a son named “Anup”. He was a 7-year-old boy and studies at a posh English medium school in Lucknow.

Both neighbors were not in talking terms due to their respective religious beliefs. However, both Ravi and Ismail were highly educated, and worked at MNCs.

Asif and Anup studied at class 2 in the same school.

Interestingly, for little “Anup” and “Asif”, they share a different world altogether full of innocence and childhood. They freely talk and meet each other at schools but hardly play at home because of their parent’s restrictions.

Love Neighbor

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One day at a school during the lunch time

Anup: Why Asif, our parents don’t talk to each other?

Asif: I really don’t know brother. They don’t let us play at the compound either.

Anup: Yes, I feel sad for it because you are my best friend.

Asif: Same here. whatever happens, we will always stay together.

While they were talking to each other, suddenly short-circuit occurred at the school due to faulty electric connections.

Soon, the school principal asked all the students to go out from their classes for safety reasons.

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Both Anup and Asif got separated. One security guard took Anup to the front gate while another Security guard took Asif to the gate number 2 along with the entire class 1 and 2 students.

Meanwhile Anup and Asif started praying to god folding their hands.

Anup: Jai Bajrangbali, mere dost Asif ko sahi salamat rakhna (Please take care of my friend Asif).

Asif: Ya Allah, mere dost Anup ko surakshit rakhna. (Almighty, please take care of my friend Anup).

After a while, both Ravi and Ismail reached the school once the “short-circuit” news broke out in the television.

Ravi saw Anup was crying loudly, and also praying for Asif’s safety.

Clasping Anup to his chest, Ravi asked what happened.

Anup: Daddy, where is Asif? I couldn’t find him here.

Before Ravi could react, he saw Asif coming near to the main gate holding Ismail’s hand. He was also crying aloud.

Ravi overheard that Ismail was convincing Asif that “Don’t worry, Anup will join you soon”.

Finally, Anup and Asif saw each other and without wasting a moment hugged each other tightly. It was a joy to cherish forever.

When the Two Estranged Neighbor s Meet

Ismail and Ravi couldn’t hold it further; they smiled and shook hands with each other saying “Anup and Asif taught us the true meaning of life that we failed to understand even after being so much educated and professional”.

Pics Neighbor

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Ismail said, “Jo hua so hua, let’s start a new chapter in our lives from now onwards”.

Soon, Ismail and Ravi boarded a car along with Anup and Asif, and it wheezed off towards Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar compound. The fun-filled giggles of Anup and Asif brought enormous relief to their father’s hearts.

By: Atish Home Chowdhury

(Disclaimer: Totally Fictional article or nano tale. Any resemblance to any person is purely coincidental.

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