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Love Is The Essence Of Life

Love is a special relationship which we share with our beloved ones. Its involve lots of sentiments, attachment, emotional bonds.

Since our birth, till our death, we are surrounded by our near and dear ones. Like our mother and father who spent their whole life for bearing and rearing us. We spent special time and relationship with our siblings, friends, and etc. this is also love.

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Human life is useless without love. When we get a job or when we get high marks on our exam we share this news with our family members. Nothing is fruitful when we are alone. Things we can really enjoy, only when we share with people or family members. So you can realize how it is important in our life.

We share its relationship if we like something passionately. Like if something gives us pleasure. For example, any dish or any movie makes us happy so we can say; we love this food or movie.

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Love is a various sort of feelings, attitude, etc. this is actually interpersonal relationship affection. For example; “I love my mother, my sister and so on. Love can also be called Virtue which represents human kindness, compassion, and affection. It is a kind of affection which we share with our family members.

Ancient Greeks had identified four forms of love: Love of our family, friends, Love for our partner and Love for our self means divine love.

Love Is The Essence Of Life

It is basically a feeling which is a psychological or sociological connection with our near and dear ones. Love is also a creative art. It is a positive sentiment as Contrast from hate. It consists of empathy and sympathy.

Love is totally the opposite of lust. Lust for something or somebody often leads to certain anti-social activity that Love never does. We hear news about rape, murder or suicide for love but that is not loving, it is actually lust. Crime can’t happen to love. Crimes do happen because of lust.

Love is a very natural and positive feeling which can’t bring violence or destruction. Love always emphasizes on the fact that it’s better to lose something for the welfare of your loved ones. Like we know about many epic romantic stories such as Laila-Majnu, Romeo-Juliet or Heer-Ranjhaa, these epic stories deal with the concept of love. These stories tell us a story about love and sacrifice for true love.

We get to see some love stories on films like Veer- Zara this movie also tells us a story about love. In the movie, it’s lead actor Shahrukh Khan (Veer) said it very true through a touching line that “Koi Bhi Mohabbat,” “Kisi ke Zindagi se bari toh nahin hain”. (No love is bigger than some one’s life).

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We get to read several proverbs about love like ‘All is fair in love and war’ or Aristotle defined love as ‘To will the good of others’.

The feeling of attachment or special attachment which we share with other people can be romantic but true love never involves sexual attraction. It only involves connections of hearts.

In a nutshell, it can be said that ‘true love always stays immortal and a selfless one’.

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