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Today, I’m writing about one of the beautiful products of Lotus Herbal brand – Lotus Herbal Make up Remover. That is Lotus herbal make-up remover for eyes, face and lips. It is available in simply white-Pink mixed combination. It’s amazing and will win your heart instantly.

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I love it because make-up is important but good make-up remover is equally more important. Honestly, it’s an effective productive and doesn’t cost too much. I am a free-spirited soul this way I am proud of low cost but high quality product.  The Lotus herbal make up remover is simply outstanding and it’s petite pack is all the more wonderful.

How to Remove Your Makeup Using Lotous Herbal Makeup remover

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For Skin Use – The product exudes a level of confidence itself for being one of the leading Indian natural brands.  It doesn’t irritate the skin and keep the skin soft and moisturized. It has a creamy texture and is perfect for skin. Also, it balances natural hydration and moisture – extremely necessary for winter season. Those who have sensitive eyes please use it. The texture is white in color. It makes face soft, smooth and clear with a natural glow.

My personal Advice – It removes the kohl from my eyes. It can also easily remove any trace of lipstick in lips.  I admire the product as it is preservative free. It is also enriched with the goodness of cucumber.

Cruelty Free Cosmetic: Another vital feature of Lotus Herbal Make up Remover is this cosmetic is derived in a fully natural way without being tested cruelly on animals. Also, the product is 100% vegetarian and doesn’t involve animal testing in any stage during the manufacture of the product.

Skin-Friendly: Whether you have a moisturized or dry skin, the Lotus Herbal MakeUp Remover is perfect for all skin types. It has a capacity to remove all traces of make up on your faces. The cooling properties of the remover keep your skin soft, glossy and rejuvenated.

How to Remove Your Makeup Using Lotous Herbal Makeup Remover

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The Inherent Goodness of Lakme Herbal Makeup Remover

Inherent Goodness: This makeup remover is Popular for its anti oxygen properties. It is full of Vitamin C and other necessary compounds useful for skin. It’s soap and alcohol free too. This product is prepared from the tips and tricks mentioned in the Vedas as well as the modern science.

Beauty is something that etched in hearts. Yes, girls like to get appreciated from others for their glowing skin and beauty. Lotus herbal make up remover for eyes, lips, face is a fascinating product for us. It’s ideal for daily use too.

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