Vishwakarma – the name was in its origin and actually used as an epithet for any Supreme God and the Lord Vishwakarma is also attributed of Indra and the Sun.

Son of Lord Brahma, Vishwakarma is widely known to be the principal architect of the whole universe as well as the official builder of the abode and palaces of the Hindu Gods.

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according to Hinduism and Hindu mythology and legend, he is The ‘Divine craftsman’, has four hands, wears a crown, loads of gold jewelry, and holds a water-pot, a book, a noose and craftsman’s tools in his hands.

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Lord Vishwakarma is touted as the God with multi-dimensional vision and ultimate strength by Rig Veda.

Lord Vishwakarma: 6 Interesting Facts About The Hindu Deity

#1. The Lord Vishwakarma is described as the God of carpenters, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, masons, in fact, for the all those people who are excellent and skilled in the crafts. Vishwakarma is said to have revealed the Sthapatyaveda or fourth Upa-Veda which presides over the sixty-four mechanical arts.

His several faces and arms depict his various sided creative power and supreme strength.

#2. The Lord Vishwakarma is also widely regarded as the designer of all the flying chariots of the Gods and all weapons (with divine attributes) of the Lords.

#3. The Lord Vishwakarma is also famous as the designer of the Vajra, the sacred weapon of Lord Indra, from the bones of sage Dadhichi and also the Agnayestra.

As per the Hindu mythology and legend, the Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan chakra was also prepared and created by the Lord Vishwakarma.

#4. As per Hindu mythology, once Ravana was invited to perform the Grihapravesh puja in the abode of the Hindu deity couple Lord Shiva and Parvati.

That golden palace was also designed by the Lord Vishwakarma, and Ravana was just impressed to see the beauty of Lord Shiva and Parvati’s house.

#5. Now Shiva asked Ravana to ask anything as per his gift or  Dakshina, Ravana, was already impressed with the beauty and grandeur of the Shiva’s place and Ravana asked this same from Lord Shiva as his gift which is regarded as the golden palace.

Shiva was grateful to accept Ravana’s wish, then he declared that the golden Lanka will be Ravana’s residence forever.

#5. The town of Indraprastha was built by Lord Vishwakarma for the Pandavas.

#6. The exact meaning of Vishwakarma is ‘all-creator’ (vishwa means ‘all’ and karman means ‘doer’). The Rig Veda said and considers the Lord Vishwakarma as the divine architect of the universe, an embodiment of the creative power of the ultimate Being.

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