Lord Krishna is regarded as the eighth incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who is the symbol of love and virtue and represents love, wisdom, and intellect.

The sacred knowledge and wisdom which Lord Krishna gave to Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he was reluctant to kill his own kin, is actually bound in a book and regarded as the Bhagavad Gita.

10 quotes by Lord Krishna that will change your life

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The 700 verses of the Bhagwad Gita comprise and consists of a massive number of the knowledge of seas and can be worth to applies still in the contemporary times of ours.

Here are in this article you will find 10 quotes by Lord Krishna that will completely change your life and thinking process.

  • There are three gates to the self-destructive hell: Lust, Anger, and Greed.
  • Set your heart upon your work but never its reward.
  • Fear not. What is not real never was and never will be.
    What is real always was and cannot be destroyed.
  • A man is made by his belief.
  • As he believes, so he becomes.
  • No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come.
  • Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility, and devotion.
  • For one who has conquered his mind, a mind is best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, a mind is the greatest enemy.
  • Whatever happened was good.
    What’s happening is going well.
    Whatever will happen will also be good.
    Do not worry for the future.
    Live in the present.
  • Change is the law of the world.
    In a moment you become the owner of millions,
    In the other you become penniless.
  • It is better to perform one’s own duties imperfectly than to master the duties of another.

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