A new morning after Independence Day, 16 th August. Our Flags and Tiranga scattered everywhere on the streets. A mom is getting her child ready for the school. Soon, the dad (41) and his little boy (7) board a car; it went off towards a reputed English medium school.

The car stops at a nearby road traffic signal.

Suddenly, a teenage child (15) wearing torn clothes came straightway to the car asking the man to buy a tri-color flag – he was holding a lot of them in his hand. Surprised man said, “aage jaao, aaj 15 August nahi hai who kal tha! (Go ahead,
today is not 15 th August, it was yesterday).
The flag seller said “Sir, savere se kuchh khaya nahi hai, pls ek flag kharidoge toh
kuchh paisa aayega (I haven’t eaten anything since morning, please buy 1 flag so
that I get some money).

Let's Unfurl Our Tiranga, Everyday

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Even before the man could react, the seven-year- old buys around 10 flags and
asked his dad to pay around 100/- rupees to the flag seller. The latter thanked the
little boy and went away. Dad didn’t want to disappoint his only son so he couldn’t
utter a word on it.

As the car again started, the little boy suddenly asked his dad, “Why can’t we
celebrate 15 th August or 26 th January, on daily basis, at least these countless flag
sellers could earn daily, and don’t have to starve for their daily survival anymore!

Dad was speechless hearing such a “thoughtful message from his own 7-year- old son”.

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