In yet another brutal crime takes place against a three-year-old girl. Who has been dragged inside a parked bus on Canal Road in Kolkata and she was raped by a 45-year-old bus-cleaner.

53 percent of minors in India are sexually abused, do not report it: Satyarthi

The worst part is that her five-year-old brother kept banging on the bus’s doors, and was begging him to spare his little sister alone.

Let my sister go: Man rapes 3-year-old girl in bus while 5-year-old brother witness this entire disgusting and brutal scenario

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TOI reported that post of his efforts the little brother rushed to his mother and when the mother of the duo get to see this, she just whistles blow without wasting time, but it was still too late.

The neighbors arrived on the right time and rescued the baby girl and thrashed the, rapist and eventually handover him to the police.

Doctors at the R G Kar Medical College and Hospital stated that the girl was brutalized (she was bleeding plentifully) but hopefully she will be fine.

According to the report in TOI, this brutal occurrence or incident occurred when the 2 siblings, the brother-sister duo were playing with a ball which fell near the luxury bus.

When the girl went up to the bus, Sheikh Munna lured her into the vehicle with some chocolate and committed this disgusting and brutal act with her.

“The little boy kept banging on the shut door, calling for his sister and crying that she be left alone. He then ran home and called his mother when he realized that the door would not open,” said the brother’s uncle to the various media houses.

“We saw the girl lying on a bus seat. Munna had blood on his hands and trousers. The child’s clothes were torn and she was bleeding profusely,” the uncle added further.

Pending a probe, the police stated via the forensic experts to collect blood samples and the bus already has been seized.

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