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The legacy of Dharmendra in The Hindi Cinema in 60s Era!


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The actor Dharmendra is probably one of the most underrated actors of the Hindi cinema. Right through the 1960s, Dharmendra is having some of the finest movies on his kitty.

Or we can say that those films of the superstar Dharmendra bring renaissance period in the Hindi cinema, those films of the actor include, Haqeeqat (1964), Phool Aur Patthar(1966), Anupama (1966), Bandini (1963) and Satyakam (1969).


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According to the historian Mukul Kesavan noted in his fine piece on the year 2008, in month of May, which he penned for the actor Haqeeqat (1964), Phool Aur Patthar(1966), Anupama (1966)  in the Outlook magazine, “The great baton change in Indian cinema is not between Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh (Rajesh Khanna is a brief detour into the box-office potential of male whimsy and self-pity)”.

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“It’s between Dharmendra and Bachchan, between the self-sacrificing idealist who dies in the cause of a fairer, better world, and the disillusioned vigilante who visits vengeance on an irredeemably corrupt one”.

Moreover Satyakam, Dharmendra had a bunch of some famous and memorable films in the era of 1969 but it is said to be in that period the nation was surrounded with the hysteria of the actor Rajesh Khanna. In Pyar Hi Pyar, he acted alongside Vyjayanthimala and featured in a memorable song, including the film’s title track and ‘Main kaheen kavi na bann jaaoon’.

Last year the lyricist Javed Akhtar said about the actor Dharmendra on the Zee Classic TV program “The Golden Years: 1950-1975” regarding working with Vyjayanthimala who is much senior to Dharam Paaji.

Akhtar said, “When Dharmendra was a college student in Punjab, Vyjayanthimala was a star even back then. He must have seen her act alongside Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor in films. But look how life changes that one-day Dharam-ji comes as a hero along with Vyjayanthimala”.

Besides Pyar Hi Pyar and Satyakam, Dharmendra featured in the Yash Chopra’s Aadmi Aur Insaan, 1969. The movie also starred Feroze Khan, Mumtaz and Saira Banu.

The film is known for its some of the memorable numbers.

Afterward with Asha Parekh Dharmendra features in 160s classic – Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke, is touted as one of the most successful movies of his career.

The track of the movie ‘Saathiya nahin jaana ke jee na lagey’, sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi is still popular among the mass.

In that era, another actor Rajesh Khanna’s popularity was the tsunami and carving his own niche and Jeetendra was also an emerging star in the period.

I was the period when Shammi Kapoor was ‘The Rebel Star’ with some of the famous actors like, Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand, gave competition to Dharmendra and his another major competition on the silver screen was “Jubilee Kumar” – Rajendra Kuamr with show Dharmendra shared screen space in the movie “Aayee Milan Ki Bela”.

Regarding this issue, Javed Akhtar noted, “You could hear the song and know that this was a Shammi Kapoor song. And even other music directors, whether it was Shankar- Jaikishan or anyone else, when they used to work with him, with Shammi Kapoor, his kind of music had become a brand. There is no doubt about this”.

Despite being a talent of the ocean, unfortunately, Dharmendra never won the Filmfare Award for being Best Actor, though he was nominated for 6 times.

However, he is having some of the hugely successful and creative movies on his kitty.

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  1. Nripendra Joshi

    Nice Article

    but still you forgot to mention some more Great Movies of Biggest MegaStar
    Evergreen Dharmendra of 60s
    like Aankhein (1st Spy Thriller & Highest Grosser of 1969) , Yakeen ( with Negative Role of Dharamendra ) , Devar & Bandini

    • admin

      It will be too hard to mention all films of the great actor, so we just try to mentioned some films of him at the 60s era 🙂

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